Miami Improv Comedy is a great option for corporate events and private parties of all types. This includes parties, team building or celebrations of milestones. The comedy made up on the spot engages audiences like nothing else. Shows similar to TV's Whose Line Is It Anyway? have proven extremely popular for corporate groups of all types.



Whether for employees, vendors or clients, we have ways of showing your appreciation that can take your professional relationships to a more profitable level.

improv comedy

Comedy on the Spot

We make comedy up on the spot specifically for the audience. This means that they are getting a show just for them!


Person of Honor

Having a special event? We can bring the honoree or couple on stage and present them with a special improv piece using elements of their life as inspiration! Ask about our singing tributes!

holiday party

Specialized Themes

We can theme an evening based on holidays, history or just about anything to meet the needs of the special occasion. There is no limit to how we can entertain using improvisation and we look forward to your group!

People have become more demanding about finding unique entertainment. Miami improv comedy shows are always unique. An improv comedy show, by its nature, adapts to the people in the audience, current events, and things that happen in the moment. We adjust the show along the way. We couldn't repeat a show in The Magic City even if we tried!

improv is magic

These are not magic performances. Just magically we make your people funny. An Improv is Magic show brings one of our Directors to your event and we bring up audience members to perform. There's a moment of embarrassment as they're worried about being in front of people, then, magically, they're funny! Your people are the entertainers and you get to see each other in a different light. It's great for families and companies looking for team building alike!

employee appreciation


We help to entertain and motivate your employees by showing them a good time.

client appreciation


We can help to deepen your relationship and extend client commitment to your brand.



We can help you celebrate the milestones and successes for your organization.

executive retreats


Management gets together and expects the highest quality entertainment.

lead generation


We help you for Trade Shows, Seminars, Conferences and Conventions to get leads.

investor relations


We help public and private companies to interact with their investors more effectively.

If you have a group larger than 30 to 50 people, you may wish to include lapel microphones as well as one stand microphone. The idea is to make certain that people can hear the show. Of course, if you have decent acoustics, sometimes it's better to have no technical assistance to have a more natural and intimate show. Similarly, you may wish to have staging and lights. Having a raised stage allows people further away from the stage to see more clearly and for voices to project. The lights allow for the lights to be dropped for the audience. An audience in the dark allows for people to laugh without the worry that other people were looking at them, which can hinder enjoyment. We don't usually provide the technical side, though we could. We tend to be a bit more expensive than if the venue provides.

OUR GREEN COMMITMENT While ultimately we serve our clients in the way that they require, we work hard to reduce the carbon footprint of any event. We recycle, utilize local talent when preferable, and look to leave places better than we found them. When we do travel, we take pains to reduce our impact on the environment.

green events

A Miami improv comedy show is a great way to have an ensemble entertain your group with customized laughter. Catching the lightning in a bottle, you experience moments that can never be repeated because everything is made up in the moment. The audience shares the creative process and can be active participants in the fun. And part of that adaptive element allows the performances to be in a variety of locations, restaurant setting or even outdoors.


WE CARE FOR YOU! We have will discuss our methods and techniques that are within our events that can accommodate your needs to achieve your goals while keeping your people safe. We also utilize a variety of social distancing, PPE safety equipment, and remote sessions. We keep track of the latest CDC guidance and follow three basic guidelines. First, we follow the law. Second, we accommodate the rules of your venue. Then we do whatever you like, since you are our client. We consult with you to best determine your concerns and needs and take them into account when determining the best way to work with your team.

As the Cruise Ship Capital of the world, the area is known for serving tourists. Whether it's coming to enjoy the parties on South Beach, the luxury of Key Biscayne, or the golf courses of the Doral, there is something for just about everyone. This also makes it a great location for company meetings and incentives awards gatherings. Each of these different reasons for a South Florida adventure needs additional forms of customized entertainment. Whether it's employees or family members, having something keyed to you can make a good trip a memorable adventure. With a reputation as being the Capital of Latin America, having performances that can be restructured to match the cultural needs of various groups, or cross cultural lines to bring people together for businesses that cross international boundaries in our Comedy Without Borders programs. Conventions often come to the Magic City for their programs. After all, it's a fun destination and is a great way to draw more visitors to your convention. That's not to mention the access to potential clients from Latin America.

We provide Miami improv comedy shows throughout downtown, Brickell, Bayside, South Beach, Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, MIA airport, Blue Lagoon, the port, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Doral, Star Island, Hibiscus Island, Cutler Bay, the Falls, Hialeah, Kendall, Midtown, and Wynwood and anywhere else you can think of. We do not provide the food or the venue but entertain your group!

food venue

We work with groups that are small, medium and large. We also work with people that are in the city, the suburbs, and that are in more rural areas. It never made sense to get our own facilities. We come to a venue of your choosing and this allows you to make your own food and beverage options. In general, you want enough light to see, enough space to move around comfortably, and it should be quiet enough to hear. Everything else can be adjusted to.





The first step is to determine your needs. This includes potential goals, desires and concerns. Is it more than just entertainment? If you are looking to show appreciation to clients or employees, for example, then we would take one approach. If it is family and friends, we might approach it differently. The more we know about what has already been decided can allow us to narrow the conversation to approaches that interest you.



We need to know the type of venue you will have and where it will be in the area. A date, or date range, for when you would like to have this and what time frame you are looking for will help to determine our commitment and availability. Knowing the size of your group, though that will likely just be an estimate, will allow us to choose appropriate options for the performance and have a better feel for the resources required.



If you know budget limitations, that can allow us to restrict the conversations to those options that will be within your financial constraints. This works in both directions. We don't want to overbuild and propose options that can't be done. Also, we don't want to not provide a large enough of a show to achieve the results that will exceed your expectations.


We want to hear from you. Call us at 305.948.7750 or email



murder mystery dinners

Murder Mystery Dinners

The classic format for entertaining groups of all types getting people working together to solve a crime.

improv comedy

Improv Comedy

A great way to get a show that is completely customized to the group and keeps the audience engaged.


Stand-Up Comedy

Comedians can come to your group and can provide a traditional night of comedic entertainment.

game shows

Game Shows

We get everyone and interacting in a variety of games ranging from those associated with TV shows and specialty items.

magic shows

Magic Shows

Our magicians can bewilder you for an evening of close-up magic, mentalism, psychics or full stage shows.



We can add a little flavor to any event by bringing characters that can create memorable moments.


Our group had an amazing time last night. Tons of laughs, surprises, and memorable moments. Without a doubt, one of the best group events I’ve been part of.

Some of Our Clients

We have worked with over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients that have entertained over the years.