Employee Appreciation Events - Incentives Awards

THEY improv provides a variety of programs designed to show employees the value that the company has for them. These employee appreciation events are key to maintaining high morale and bonding the staff to the company.

For companies, THEY have a variety of programs that we can discuss as we customize our features to meet your needs and help to show gratitude to those who are responsible for the success of the company.

corporate employee appreciation events

Employee Appreciation Events

theyThere are a lot of reasons to reward positive behavior by your staff. Motivating your staff to get the most out of them is the key to bringing success to your company. That's why there is such a focus on employee appreciation and motivation programs and team building workshops to take companies to the next level. When a group is motivated to pull together, there is almost nothing that can't be accomplished.

Employee appreciation comes from four different sources. First is from a desire to help the company overall. This comes from the pride of association with the company as well as enhancing the personal relationship that they have with the company. After all, if they love the company tey are more inclined to want to help it achieve the success. Thus the company should show the staff the recognition and act in a style representative of something they can take pride in.

appreciatedSecond is a desire for personal success. If they feel that they will be able to participate in success, or will be rewarded for hard work, the worker is motivated to try harder. After all, the harder they work, the more they get. Thus having the company recognize good behavior and rewarding that behavior can achieve this goal.

Third is a desire to help his or her fellow workers. If failure results in poor conditions for their comrades, or if success will prevent negative results, such as layoff or salary decreases, then employee motivation can result from a desire to help those he or she works with. Having an employee appreciation event that enhances the bonding of the staff can enhance this sense.

festiveFourth is from pride in a job well done. This can include the more practical aspects of looking at a job as way of showing off their capabilities which can result in promotion or job opportunities elsewhere. Though this may indicate an innate dissatisfaction with the status quo, it can result in an increase in productivity in the short-term and may enhance job satisfaction in the long-term. Having an employee appreciation event that recognizes individual achievement achieves this goal.

mda charactersIn general, we are approached by companies about their employee appreciation needs and we then discuss a variety of issues to customize a selection of options that can help the company meet their goals. This is usually from the side of the human resources department or management. But sometimes the HR function is performed by a variety of other resources within the company.

Whoever you might be, we'd be happy to discuss with you the different possibilities.

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