We provide some of the most professional events throughout the country. From first contact through follow-up for your event, we take great pains to make certain that our clients are happy with the results. Whether you are looking for a character to attend a party, a facilitator for a teambuilding workshop, an improv comedy show or a full murder mystery dinner, there are certain standards that are followed in the booking process.

When booking THEY improv for your event, the following process is generally followed:

  1. DISCUSSION - We discuss your event to understand the basics and to make suggestions to clarify. To begin, you should provide an idea of the date for the event, the venue, and the size of your group. We will then provide a rough assessment of technical concerns such as sound and lighting. We will also ask about your desired outcomes.
  2. AN ESTIMATE - A rough cost-assessment with options will be provided. This may be in the form of a simple email outlining options for a potential event along with the costs associated with each option. These will be estimates and may change over time.
  3. PROPOSAL - Once we receive feedback and if you choose to move forward, a proposal will be supplied. This will include details in contract form allowing for the contracting of our services. The cover letter will include the time-frame allotted for client approval of the contract. A signed contract is to be returned with a 50% deposit for the event. An accommodation is made for our governmental clients according to appropriate appropriations policies. Depending on the form of event, a portion or all of the deposit may be refundable up to 30 days prior to the event date.
  4. DOCUMENTATION - If you need additional documentation, such as a W-9, an insurance COI, or other clarifications, we work with your staff or vendors to determine the needs and provide the required documentation. You can download our W-9 by Clicking Here.
  5. CLARIFICATIONS - Upon receipt of contract and deposit, a conversation about event details will occur allowing clarification of any outstanding issues.
  6. FINAL PAYMENT - The final payment is due one-week prior to the event. Again, for government agencies, universities, and other large organizations, we work within your AP policies.
  7. FINAL CONVERSATION - Before the event, a final conversation will occur making certain that all details are in place and that any last-minute needs are attended to. This will include a call-time, which is a set period of time prior to the beginning of the event for our staff to arrive. This allows for any emergency contingency issues to be resolved (vehicular difficulties, illness, etc.).
  8. FOLLOW-UP - We try not to overburden you with surveys, etc. after the fact. We are always open to discuss your event afterwards to make certain that you were happy. We work hard to make certain you were satisfied with the results while not wanting to harm the results making the follow-up burdensome.

To begin the process, simply reach out and discuss your needs.


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