We have worked with over half of the Fortune 500 and have received many testimonials about our services. References are available upon request.



With Entertainment, Workshops, Activities, and Mix and Mingle events, there are plenty of options available for your team building needs. This is a mixture of Testimonials for our team building services. They're from a variety of activities, goals and employees. If you have more specific needs, just let us know. These are a few. There are many more.

I have now had the opportunity to work with Nick two times for company team building events. The first time, I have to admit, I was pretty apprehensive about what the experience would be like, but Nick put us all at ease and made us recognize that there was no right or wrong in Improv or anything to clearly define good or bad – so we just needed to relax and let it happen. It was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in the past year – full of laughter and learning. It was such a good experience, I asked Nick back to facilitate an Improv event with a different team. As the point person for the event, Nick worked with me to identify the goals I had for the team building and effectively wove them into our event. Again, it was an excellent time for the team that helped us build trust and get more comfortable together. I would highly recommend Improv as a team building event, and specifically Nick as a facilitator.

C. T.

Thanks for much for attending the event on such short notice, it was well received by all. Adam had great energy and got all attendees engaged.

Thanks again.

S. C.
Speech Processing Solutions

The staff thoroughly enjoyed it and it achieved its goal. Everyone was thoroughly engaged - new and old staff members.

W Elementary School

I just wanted to let you know that Patrick was AWESOME at our event on Monday! Everyone loved him and had a great time! Please pass on my appreciation to him. I will definitely let you know if we have any team building needs in the future.

C. D.
Triad Retail

I wanted to write and send along a big thank you from the team for such a great event. Everyone was really engaged, and it definitely loosened the group up and opened up the lines of communications. We will definitely keep you all in mind for future events.

Thank you,

J. H.

Thank you for the great event. My sales team really enjoyed themselves and the evening was a great team bonding and perfect way to relax and not think too much about work!

Kevin Wake
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

I want to thank you on behalf of the staff at CMH for the excellent workshop. Michele and myself have received numerous compliments on the team building workshop you and your staff performed for us. We also appreciate your flexibility through the weather and filling in time while our caterer arrived. It was definitely a training to remember!!

Thank you!!
Temp HR Generalist
Sanilac County Community Mental Health

Prior to any corporate team building workshop, THEY improv listens to your needs and consults with you to determine the particular needs of your group, issues that need to be considered, timing, location and budget concerns to customize a program to help achieve the needs of the company in the best way possible.


I did not have a chance to properly thank you on Thursday. The session went really well and you did a fantastic job. It was a great way for us to end a three-day session.

I appreciate you spending so much time with us. The team had a great time and you received rave reviews. I hope our paths cross again.

Charles Schwab



Using a variety of techniques, employees interact with one another and get to know their fellow workers as human beings as opposed to job titles. This allows them to get past initial bureaucratic concerns or organization and to begin pulling together in unified purpose.

We can engage the competitive spirit to have employees bond with one another. They work as teams without realizing that the true purpose is building trust. They collaborate, engage in time management, and cheer for one another to succeed. These can also benefit charities.


Getting people to laugh and enjoy a show together gets groups to bond. We provide improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners that have particular approaches to benefit work groups without them realizing the real purpose for the company party.

There are several structures that can allow people that do not know each other that well to become more familiar. These can include games, murder mysteries, and trainings. We can even have a combination of events to be more effective.

We at Hearst Business Media really appreciate the great team your company provided to us for our Team Building event. It was truly a complete success thanks to your facilitators Joe, Jay and Erik.

The day was full of team building exercises that focused on all the aspects we wanted to address such as interpersonal communication, motivation, innovation and being more accepting of our colleagues' ideas. We could not have done it without the exceptional professionalism, expertise and charisma that Joe, Jay and Erik brought to the table.

Everything that was discussed during our event, whether in fun or as a post activity discussion has really triggered our positive thinking, and we're working on implementing what was learned.

We are very appreciative of your assistance and wish you and your entire staff all the best. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events as well as recommend your services whenever the opportunity arises.


Adriana Marzovilla and Bill Barron
Hearst Business Media

Let's be honest, team building has a bad reputation among many employees. The average employee thinks of team building as listening to a hippie in Birkenstocks talk about auras and energy. The reality of the experience is much different. Our professionals come from the business world. Our team building workshops are designed with true practical goals in mind.


Their team-building exercises were effective and entertaining, and their hilarious improv performance was a great way to cap off the day. I'd recommend THEY improv to anyone looking for a creative way to foster teamwork and camaraderie.

Jamie & Ryan

James E. Croland, J.D.
Divisional Vice President
Hartford Director M, Southeast Division

T. Ryan Sullivan, CLU, ChFC, CFP
PLANCO Retirement Solutions Group

We had a very good team building day and the murder mystery lunch was indeed a success. My colleagues and I had a great time trying to figure out who the murderer could be and everyone participated actively in the game.



I just wanted to send a note of sincere thanks to you. We did an evaluation and everyone had a great time. The owner or the company was very happy. Everyone thought both you and Mike were great.

This is the first time we have ever done something like this as a company and he saw value in it.


C. Dunbar
Concierge Choice Physicians

why comedy

Having people laugh along the way makes them more open to new ideas and more likely to take lessons to heart. We bring funny people that can deliver serious amounts of information in an amusing manner. This helps to make any session more effective.

Your group did a fantastic job with our team builder and I wanted to thank you and your team for making this event successful. Everyone enjoyed and you delivered exactly what we were looking for.

Thank you again!

A. Reid

Thank you so much for the work your group did for my team in July! My leadership team is a unique audience in that they are typically the ones who develop and implement train-the-trainer and other like events for their audiences. Your group was a perfect match to bring in for the directors. The format was relaxed, fun and entertaining!

I'd like to provide you with the specific comments that they each contributed in reference to their experience. I can't say it any better than they did:

'They created a relaxed atmosphere and made everyone feel equal.'

'They stretched our imagination and tapped into our creative side which made the whole day fun.'

'The facilitators were very personable and handled the group dynamics professionally.'

'It was a refreshing experience so different from what we've had before!'

'Bravo to the Improv group for presenting a lively, upbeat series of activities that allowed me to get to know my coworkers.'

'The facilitators proved that the right mix of improvisational skits and positive reinforcement does wonders to remove fear. Openness, trust, and a healthy dose of laughter shelved the remnants of humiliation I might have otherwise felt.'

'It was light and fun team building. I thought it was a great team building experience.'

'The games we played had an impact on this group that carried over throughout our week together. We continued to play the same games with each other when we went out for dinner. It gave us a common cultural point of reference that we could call our own.'

Thank you for a fabulous event! We appreciate all of the work and effort you put into this!

Angella Dickson
National Director of Education
Camden Living

The improv session was very good. The actors were skilled at their craft, engaging, and fun!

Office Depot

christmas party


We help to develop the skills to overcome stress in the workplace and to learn how to find amicable ways of settling disputes.



Using our techniques we can improve the attitudes of employees and help them to feel more a part of the company than apart from the company.

sales training


A change in corporate culture isn't always easy. We help to adjust to new management staff and to bond that staff with each other and their employees.

creativity workshops


Newly formed groups take time to learn about one another and develop a level of trust. We can speed that process to become productive.

silo mentality


There is a tendency for groups to isolate themselves from other parts of the organization and distrust others. We develop bonds between groups.

virtual teams


As employees work remotely, there is an increased sense of isolation, decreased communication and a general mistrust. We help overcome those limitations.

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and your team. I have received great feedback and everyone was very pleased with the event.


Royal and Sun Alliance (RSA Group)

I wanted to let you know that I have heard nothing but great responses from everyone about our meeting this past weekend. Asaf and his team did a phenomenal job. I had several people comment they were not very enthused about doing improv but ended up really enjoying it and taking away a lot.

I know all of the owners also really enjoyed the meeting. They want to have you guys back next year.

I will keep your contact information and get with you when we start planning for next year.

Again, thank you for your help with everything and thanks for sending such a great team to work with.

Lani Rust
Brazos Valley Equine Hospital

I'm almost 99% positive that every one of the 30 students walked out of the improv room with a better understanding of who each individual in the group was.

Kisney Lopes

I want to start off by saying thank you for all of your help with last year's DMEF I-MIX program held at Columbia, MD on August 2nd. It was a wild success and could not have happened without you and your team.

Jim Wu
Assistant Program Manager-DMEF



  1. MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING: - By understanding each other and knowing each others' goals and aspirations, everyone is in a better position to help each other and to motivate employees.
  2. GROUP SPIRIT: - A group of individuals just isn't as effective as a group working together. We work towards creating something of a unified spirit without losing their individuality.
  3. TEAMWORK: - Often organizations suffer from duplication of effort and micro-management. We assist teams to trust one another more completely. This includes entrusting someone with tasks and then living up to that trust. Taking responsibility and accomplishing what someone sets out to do. We also encourage checking each other's work, but as a means to improve one-another instead of being seen as a punishment or lack of trust.
  4. A FEELING OF APPRECIATION: - Setting goals for employees to motivate them to achieve greater success is highly important. Having a way to show that you appreciate their efforts while utilizing performances that are more acceptable as an expense is vital. We have a selection of meetings and incentives awards programs that get people laughing and having a good time while bonding with fellow employees.

We provide corporate team building throughout the United States, and even beyond! Wherever you might be along the Atlantic Coast, the MidWest, the South, the West Coast, or anywhere else, we stand ready to help your group to have fun. This includes in the big cities, the suburbs, or further outside the urban areas. We do not provide the food or the venue. We come to you and help educate your employees while they have a great time!

food venue

We work with groups that are small, medium and large. We also work with people that are in the city, the suburbs, and that are in more rural areas. It never made sense to get our own facilities. We come to a venue of your choosing and this allows you to make your own food and beverage options. In general, you want enough light to see, enough space to move around comfortably, and it should be quiet enough to hear. Everything else can be adjusted to. We also have our insurance in order and can have COIs with your venue as an additional insured, if required.


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team building


Getting employees to operate well in a group dynamic is important to the proper function of your company. With programs that can impact Conflict Resolution, Silo Mentality, Virtual Teams, Newly Formed Groups, dealing with New Management and improve Morale, we help enhance your corporate culture.

corporate training


We can help with all of your corporate training needs. Our programs can be custom designed to any particular need as well as more standard workshops to enhance communication skills, presentation skills, leadership, conflict resolution, sales and other traits that help enhance any company.

business consulting


Through discussions we come up with innovative ways to enhance the processes that make your company stronger. We can help with HR, Video Production, Brainstorming, Online Marketing, Brand Ambassadors and even Experiential Marketing.

company parties


We provide improv comedy, game shows, magic shows and murder mystery dinners to entertain your company party for milestone events, employee and client appreciation, executive retreats, investor relations and lead generation. Bring virtual teams together to bond wtih laughter!

employee activities


With programs to get your employees to interact while engaging in group activities, we can achieve bonding of the employees while potentially succeeding in achieving other goals and giving a sense of accomplishment.

corporate offsites


Sometimes the best way to reset the attitude in the office is to get out of it. Having a corporate offsite allows people to separate from their normal distractions and focus on the work at hand. It is great for training, project development and improving morale.

Some of Our Clients

We have worked with over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients that have improved their business.