Keynote Speakers

For a variety of groups and gatherings at conferences, the need for quality Keynote Speakers weighs heavy on planners. Choosing an individual to provide an address can be a challenge and limiting yourself to one person can be risky. After all, an individual can have all kinds of reasons for pulling out at the last minute. With the team of THEY improv behind your event, even if one speaker cancels we always have a back-up prepared to step in and entertain your group.

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Keynote Speakers for Conferences and Corporate Events

Motivational Speeches - Inspirational Stories - Comedic Characters - Humor

Our Keynote Speakers can address your needs for a variety of purposes. With years of experience in the industry, we have a large number of extremely qualified people to entertain, inspire and motivate a wide range of audiences. Whether you have a conference of people who don't know one another, industry professionals or a close-knit group, we can provide you with programs to take your corporate event to the next level.

motivateMotivational Speakers - Getting a team to more fully utilize their own talents and drive them to success requires someone who understands human nature and can get through to people. Our facilitators have years of experience working with groups and getting people to identify their own desires, visualize their goals and take affirmative steps to achieve those goals.

Inspirational Speakers - Sometimes the best way to push people to succeed is for people to listen to someone that has already faced major difficulties and overcome them to achieve a great measure of success. This can include stories of overcoming physical limitations, medical issues, discrimination or other problems that would normally serve as likely excuses for failure. Not accepting failure as an option, these speakers dug down deep to find the limits of their abilities without being willing to give in to the expectations of their failure by others.

emceesComedic Characters - As a company that began with the world of comedy, we have a collection of colorful characters that can come into your conference or meeting and get your people laughing and bursting the pressure that are faced during such gatherings. We get people to relax and calm down which sets the tone for the event and helps improve the capabilities of participants.

Humorous Speeches - Slightly different than stand-up comedy, THEY improv can provide comedians to speak to your audience and get them laughing in a more formal environment than any stand-up club. We can speak on a variety of topics or simply cover more standard comedic fare.

Simply Contact Us! We come to whatever venue that you choose at any conference center, meeting space or office that you might have a group at. We generally do not provide the sound equipment, etc., though could do so for an additional fee.

Email us at or call (866) 219-4386 with information about your desired needs including:

Location and date for your show
Size of your group
Desired length of speech (15 / 30 / 60 / 90 minutes or other)
Available equipment
Special needs

We will then follow-up and provide you with a proposal for presenting for your program. Contact us today to find out how you can entertain your business.