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THEY improv helps companies to think outside the box and to get new perspectives on issues that directly effect the bottom line. We can consult with your group and listen to your needs. We come at it with a mind's eye of finding the best approach for your group to better achieve your goals.

For companies that are at a point of transition, or facing internal stress, there is no better way to achieve success than to utilize improvisational techniques to bond employees and promote innovative solutions.

DISC personality assessments business consulting services corporate events team building executive coaching

DISC Personality Assessments - Business Consulting Services

Corporate Events - Team Building - Executive Coaching

The DISC HR personality assessment tool breaks down personalities into four styles.

Dominance (or Drive) is assertiveness.

Inducement (or Influence) is the ability to coordinate and connect with others.

Submission (or Steadiness) is related to maintaining a status quo and dislike change in the work environment.

Compliance is the willingness to take assigned tasks and follow the instructions to completion without additional supervision presuming the instructions were complete.


With years of experience providing business consulting services, the staff of THEY improv bring their skills to solve your needs. Whether you are looking for help in achieving corporate culture change, merger or acquisition assimilation, simple team building workshops, leadership training, employee recognition, bonding, meetings and incentives or skills training, the professionals at THEY improv can assist you in unique ways.

The DISC assessment is used to analyze the personality traits of people to better help HR departments to understand their complexities.

High scores on the test in a particular style indicates that person's place in the structure and can help to assess their value towards certain tasks. Low scores, alternatively, can indicate what tasks no to assign a certain personality.

Generally it is used to assigned a group of what we refer to as archetypes including the Achiever, the Agent, the Appraiser, the Counselor, the Creator, the Developer, the Inspiration, the Objective Thinker, the Perfectionist, the Persuader, the Practitioner, the Promoter, the Result Oriented and the Specialist.

Each of these archetypes can then be aimed at the appropriate tasks for their personality.

THEY improv can walk a team through these assessments, help them evaluate themselves and others and indicate areas for improvement. We have facilitators that can teach these and run seminars for your groups. Likewise, we can provide follow-up sessions to see how our consulting has been utilized and make additional recommendations.

William Moulton Marston first identified these personality traits in his book from 1928, Emotions of Normal People. Walter Vernon Clarke developed this into a personality test with later work done by John Geier.

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