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THEY improv helps companies to think outside the box and to get new perspectives on issues that directly effect the bottom line. We can consult with your group and have a brainstorming session to help your group come up with fresh and new ideas to explore new possibilities for marketing and internal corporate operations.

brainstorming session business consulting services corporate events team building executive coaching

Brainstorming Sessions - Business Consulting Services

thinking outside the boxNeed an infusion of fresh ideas for a project? Call in the professionals!

THEY improv is a leader at generating new and unique ideas on stage. THEY now bring that talent to your company!

Our creative team will start with whatever ideas you want to provide and will follow them in new and unique ways generating a flurry of ideas for your team to sift through and lead to corporate inspiration.

From simple brainstorming sessions to idea development and marketing plan tweaking, THEY improv business consultants can bring together a team to help generate ideas and bring them to fruition.

Hire the best to get the best! You wouldn't hire a cook to be your plumber. You should hire creative people to generate your ideas.

Brainstorming made easy! Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and can represent a cross-section of society, or a focused group. Once formed, our group can generate literally thousands of ideas. Then our clients can pan for gold, sifting through the ideas to find the pieces that are pure gold!

Beat your competitors! Success means coming up with unique solutions that your competition han't. The ideas generated by THEY improv are unique and can lead to a flurry of discoveries on your part. Whether corporate process, marketing or advertising planning, THEY improv can help!

This is not a comedy show, though it can be fun and funny. It is a session of professional "idea people" getting together to generate results. Using real-world issues for your company where applicable, THEY improv will work on coming up with unique solutions to your problems and new and innovative approaches to your marketing.

THEY are working hard at Improv-ing Your Business!

Contact us today to learn about how we can help you succeed in business without really trying!

Email us at or call the Director of THEY improv, Todd Rice for THEY improv business consulting (866) 219-4386.

THEY improv can provide these business consultant services in South Florida (Miami and Fort Lauderdale), Tampa, New England (Boston and elsewhere), Upstate New York, Atlanta and Southern California (from Los Angeles). Likewise, our professionals can travel for an additional fee to other parts of the country or internationally.