Ventura County Corporate Training Workshops

THEY improv provides a variety of programs designed to develop skills in an entertaining environment. This helps participants to maintain focus and enhance knowledge retention. Through improvisational techniques, we improve the effectiveness of these programs and work to achieve your goals throughout the area.

Prior to any Ventura County corporate training workshop, THEY improv listens to your needs and consults with you to determine the particular needs of your group, issues that need to be considered, timing, location and budget concerns to customize a program to help achieve the needs of the company in the best way possible.

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Ventura County Corporate Training Workshops

Presentation Skills - Executive Coaching - Sales - Emotional Intelligence - Creativity - Conflict Resolution
Camarillo - Thousand Oaks - Simi Valley - Oxnard - Ojai - Malibu
San Buenaventura - Conejo Valley - Moorpark - Point Mugu

theyHaving a successful company requires employing the policies that will help to develop the talent within an organization. This means that having a series of skills development programs can mean the difference between a profitable company or one that is on the decline.

Improvisation is a great way to learn skills that are useful in every aspect of life. These skills help in job performance, interpersonal relationships and communication skills. Evaluation of a changing business environment, enhanced creativity and assisting the ability to think "outside the box".

The question isn't "Can you afford to hire our Ventura County corporate training workshops?" The question is "Can you afford not to hire our Ventura County corporate training workshops?"

THEY improv employs a variety of techniques to tailor Ventura County corporate training workshops and seminars to your business needs. Through a simple series of questions, we can determine your goals and bring togetherthe staff and expertise needed to best achieve those goals.

Using comedy to enhance retention of knowledge is a great idea. Click here to learn about Comedy for Employee Education.

To that end, THEY improv has developed a variety of Ventura County corporate training programs with workshops to deal with a variety of key skills required to continue the growth and success of your company.

For some of these, the fact that our origin is in the world of improv enhances our approach. Improv is all about communication, emotional intelligence and adaptability. These are key elements of any form of success.

Leadership Skills / Management Training Workshop
Working with management groups, we provide a variety of exercises to assist with delegating responsibility, maintaining the status of the manager, helping staff to be included in decision making, and the understanding of the cost-benefit analysis and efficiency of management decisions.

Emotional Intelligence
Having the ability to understand, adapt to and manipulate emotions in oneself and others can be an absolute key to success and adaptability. Having an agile approach focused in meeting the emotional needs and concerns can result in enhanced customer service, sales and general success.

Sales Training Workshops
One of the quickest ways to enhance the bottom line is to increase sales. Our workshops work on overcoming objections, using the needs of a client to redirect the energy of a conversation and the power of a strong elevator pitch. We also take into account the internal psychology when interacting with marketing and production personnel.

Presentation Skills Workshops
An employee can be wonderful in every other way, but if they can't get in front of others and present their ideas then their talent can be misused. We have a variety of presentation skills workshops that can help with the actual speaking, removing of bad habits, preparation, electronic presentations (such as PowerPoint) and making connections with their audience.

Conflict Resolution
We can provide sessions that are geared towards teaching the skills to overcome conflicts, enhancing the camaraderie within an organization to reduce internal stress, and to consult on overcoming current issues that may exist within a company.

Creativity Workshops
We can provide a workshop to help bring out the creativity of participants. We teach the elements of thinking outside the box and how to accept and build off of the ideas of others.

Brainstorming Sessions
We can bring creative personnel together to brainstorm and come up with new ideas for any organization. As part of this, we can help teach others how take up the effort on their own.

Electronic Communication
More and more, major problems are caused through failures in electronic communication. Our workshops help participants to understand the need for review in electronic communication, including email, social media posts, blogs and texts, for content. We help them see how the emotional elements of such communication is drained from the process and how the same message can be received in multiple ways based on the emotional state of the receiver of the information.

Customer Service
While the main focus of our customer service workshops is to improve relations with clients, we also work to improve relations with internal clients to enhance relations within the company. We consult with our clients to determine the scope of their needs and to assist in achieving internal and external goals.

Hospitality Training
For those in the hospitality industry, we have a variety of workshops to enhance touchpoints with guests and to improve their experience.

Team Building
We have a wide range of other workshops that are more focused on having employees get along with one another. While more engaged in team building rather than specific skills training, often we will include elements of skills development in such workshops.

We can also provide education through our entertainment programs. This can include game shows, improv comedy or murder mysteries that can have your lessons at their core. Simply ask us how we can make that happen.

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comediansWherever you are in VC including Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Simi Valley, Ojai, Oxnard, Conejo Valley, Port Hueneme, Fillmore, Westlake Village, Point Mugu or San Buenaventura, THEY improv is ready to perform for your gathering. And for Santa Barbara, Malibu, the Valley, Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California, THEY improv is also prepared to help you there!

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