Dallas - Fort Worth is a major area attracting visitors from all over. With the convenience of Alliance Airport to the airport, it is clearly a convenient location for companies meeting with their employees or business partners, as well as for family events.

team building


With programs that can impact Conflict Resolution, Silo Mentality, Virtual Teams, Newly Formed Groups, dealing with New Management and improve Morale, we help enhance your corporate culture and improve internal group dynamics.

corporate training


We can help with all of your corporate training needs. Our programs can be custom designed to any particular need as well as more standard workshops to enhance communication skills, presentation skills, leadership, conflict resolution, sales and other traits that help enhance any company.

business consulting


Through discussions we come up with innovative ways to enhance the processes that make your company stronger. We can help with HR, Video Production, Brainstorming, Online Marketing, Brand Ambassadors and even Experiential Marketing.

company parties


We provide improv comedy, game shows, magic shows and murder mystery dinners to entertain your company party for milestone events, employee and client appreciation, executive retreats, investor relations and lead generation. Bring virtual teams together to bond wtih laughter!

private parties


For families and friends getting together, we have private party entertainment that can help make your special occasions even more special. We consult with you to come up with the best options for your group. We have options for groups of under 10 and over 100!

office holiday parties


For Christmas and other holidays, we put together great entertainment that can help show employees appreciation and enhance the teams that can help the company achieve the success it is looking for.

We lead the way for murder mystery shows in Alliance Airport for private parties, banquets and corporate events. We bring those skills to entertain your Dallas - Fort Worth corporate event, banquet or private party with a cast of detectives, quirky suspects and plots customized to each group at a venue of your choosing. This works very well for a luncheon or for a dinner show. We will have your group trying to discover whodunit while laughing along the way. For mid-sized groups, we have a team building version called the Cambridge Solution using the bosses as characters and teams working together to solve the crime, which is a ton of fun and appropriate for family gatherings as well. For smaller groups, we have a game show version where the participants play all the characters in a mix and mingle party designed to get people to talk to each other and have a great time in a no-pressure environment.

For the hotels and restaurants that service the airport area, clearly having quality entertainment options can be key to their success. If you are involved in sales for the hotel, we partner with you to white label our services. This lets you extend your services to your clients and make your operation seem even larger and more successful!

OUR GREEN COMMITMENT While ultimately we serve our clients in the way that they require, we work hard to reduce the carbon footprint of any event. We recycle, utilize local talent when preferable, and look to leave places better than we found them. When we do travel, we take pains to reduce our impact on the environment.

green events

Improvisational comedy is a great way to have an ensemble entertain your group. Catching the lightning in a bottle, you experience moments that can never be repeated because everything is made up in the moment. The audience shares the creative process and can be active participants in the fun.

Game shows invite your group to participate more directly through actually coming up on stage, and being put through TV Show-styled game shows to compete for not-very-expensive prizes (we wouldn't want anyone unhappy that they didn't win). This includes many of television's more popular shows along with more customized shows for your group. Truth Be Told is an offshoot of a popular British game show for smaller groups that involves competitors defending statements about their past which may or may not be true as the participants get to know each other better. Trivia Nights, similar to the popular pub games, gets teams to bond with one another and find out more about their coworkers outside of work.


WE CARE FOR YOU! We care for you and your guests. We will discuss your desires for safety measures regarding Covid-19 and want you to feel secure in the knowledge that we are looking out for you, our client.

For families, this can take the form of celebrations for weddings, engagements, Bachelor and Bachelorette celebrations, birthdays, reunions, anniversaries and just about anything else you can think of. For gatherings for children, they have their own birthday needs, Sweet 16s, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Project Graduations, After or Post Proms and holidays that are focused on the kids.

Texas Motor Speedway is a major facility that not only runs some of the most impressive NASCAR races available, but also has world-class meeting facilities and catering to fit the bill for even the most demanding client. With the major facilities located around the cargo facilitators, including FedEx and international carriers, the need to keep the efficiency expected from one of the largest commercial hubs is at an all time high. We have programs that can come in and assist in maintaining that high standard and improve working conditions and internal communications. There's a large international community that lives here, with people from all over Latin America and elsewhere. Shows here have to cater to these people and understand the cultures involved. We understand the people who live in town and is ready to entertain all of their special family and company occasions.

food venue

With enough warning and clearance from the TSA, we can even perform in the club spaces and meeting rooms on the airport property. In fact, for the management of the airport, we can arrange to be available to entertain passengers. It is fairly standard to have fun characters to interact around the holiday season. We can also do so in adverse circumstances. If weather moves in and there are major delays, we can help reduce the stress.

We serve the entire metro area including The Texas Motor Speedway, Alliance Airport, D/FW Airport, Arlington, Frisco, Irving, Southlake, Denton, Roanoke, Keller, North Richland Hills, McKinney, Las Colinas, Burleson, Euless, Westlake Grapevine, Grand Prairie, and Carrollton, and the rest of Dallas - Fort Worth. Let us come by the airport and help your Dallas - Fort Worth corporate event, banquet or private party take flight!


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