Halloween Parties - Corporate and Private Events

THEY improv provides improv comedy, game shows, ghost tours and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options to celebrate the season for private and corporate events.

For celebrating on a night where so many people dress in costume and are looking to have a great time, you need a company that can adapt to the unpredictable and that will be willing to back away and facilitate your group having a good time rather than trying to dominate the fun. We are there to serve your group.

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Halloween Parties for Corporate and Private Events

Improv Comedy - Game Shows - Ghost Tours - Murder Mystery Dinners

THEY improv All Hallows EveBringing some of the best improvisational performers from the area together for your Halloween parties to make your corporate and private events memorable.

If you are organizing your company or family gathering, there's no reason that preparing for your Halloween party should be scary! We help you take the fear out of the organizing of the event and help your group to have a great time!

THEY improv brings a variety of options to entertain your group. Not only do we have our more standard improv comedy, game shows, ghost tours and murder mysteries, but we can help with costume contests and candy contests and any other options you can come up with. We can also combine activities to help bring down the cost per activity. Simply ask us for more detail.

THEY improv comes to you. We provide the entertainment and not the food or the venue. We can provide these, but we would charge more for such things. We come to any hotel, restaurant, banquet facility or house that you might be in.

Improv Comedy - our signature entertainment format, an improv comedy show gets everyone laughing with comedy based on audience input. We entertain and adjust to the people who are there on the fly. We can even include our Nightmare, interviewing an audience member and showing them their worst nightmare!

Game Shows - we can bring people on stage and entertain them while having contests with one another. This can be more traditional game shows such as the Family Feud or Match Game, or play a variety of scary challenges themed with the party.

Ghost Tours - for the more adventurous, we can provide a customized ghost tour to any venue, area or home. This can include historical elements, improv actors, technology or fictional elements. Contact us to find out how we can help you have a great time with your group.

Murder Mysteries - nothing fits better with the idea of a Halloween party than having a murder mystery. With a variety of approaches to fit different sized groups, including themes associated with the holiday, we're ready to help your group have a great time.

Why settle for less? Hire THEY improv and get a show that will be remembered for years to come.

Contact us for your Halloween parties. THEY improv can bring a little bit of the mayhem to your group.

We can provide these throughout the country. Contact us by email at info@THEYimprov.com or by calling (866) 219-4386.