We provide a variety of entertainment options with game shows for company parties to get employees to bond at corporate events. The participants will likely just think that they're having a good time without realizing the morale and team building benefits being imparted.



We lead the way for corporate event entertainment and team building with our Game Shows. These shows are designed to entertain and also produce positive results for company by having the party helping people to bond. Participants have a lot of fun while lowering their personal barriers and increase their ability to participate in personal relationships with one another. Likewise, teamwork is encouraged as everyone has a great time.

Each show is individualized with elements adjusted based on the needs of the audience. While we tend to be squeaky clean, this includes shifting from ratings of G through NC-17 depending on your desire. Officially we remain one-level cleaner than the audience, but our rating tends to be wholly audience driven. We utilize your members as the participants so we can't control their reactions on stage.



Loosely based on television's popular Family Feud, the Corporate Feud has competitors competing to come up with answers to survey questions. We can do full surveys of your company for an additional fee, but usually operate on standard questions or themed for a holiday event.

We pair employees or managers to prove that they know more about each other than the other pairs. Audience members serve as the judges with bizarre and fun ways to show incorrect answers. Often entertaining and amusing, this enhances personal relationships in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

game shows

We pit two contestants against one another trying to match answers with a panel of six audience members. Other audience members serve as judges with group fun at incorrect answers. This game improves the group mind of a team and helps people to see things through each other's eyes.

Loosely based on television's popular Minute To Win It or Beat the Clock, our Timed Tirades pit contestants against each other in big goofy activities. With dozens of options for contests, with everything from human horseshoes to hopping, there's something for any group.

Our game shows can engage people in friendly competition and help create a wholesome environment for your employees. We understand that tensions can rise in a corporate environment, and a game show for a company party can get people laughing together and help to reduce tensions and enhance morale. With a variety of non-traditional company party game shows available, we have a range of options to get people playing together.

mix and mingle murder mystery

Murder Mystery Mayhem

This is a custom-built murder mystery party for your group with our professional facilitating the evening and making sure that everyone has a good time. With our emcee watching over your group, the attendees are pitted against one of their own, a murderer, who works to get away with murder! If someone solves the crime, the murderer is found and the super sleuth gets a prize. If the murderer gets away with it, he or she gets the prize instead! Additionally, a prize is given to the best actor/actress in your group. A great game for smaller groups (15-40) that are looking for unique entertainment.

trivia game show

Trivia is Not Trivial

Designed for larger groups, the audience is divided into teams, usually by table. The teams are provided with the upcoming categories of questions. They talk amongst themselves and determine their confidence for each category. Then, as questions are asked, the teams compete against each other to win a trivia quiz without the benefit of technology. This bonds team mates, has friendly competition and can be done throughout a meal leading to a more lengthy shows. While most are 30-45 minutes, this can run for 90 minutes or so. A great game for slightly larger groups (50-150 or more).

audience olympiad

Audience Olympiad

For larger groups one of the potential issues is a small percentage of the group participating in the activities. For this, we developed the Audience Olympiad. This is designed to divide the audience into teams and for the teams to determine within their group who will participate in each activity with scores being aggregated together for a total result rather than game by game. Everyone on the team wins prizes whether or not they physically participated or not. This means that they're more likely to cheer their team on to victory. This is the only game show that we generally do not provide the prizes as the teams can get quite large. We can bring the prizes for a negotiated charge.

getting to know you

Getting to Know You

Designed as a team building effort, the audience is divided into several groups. Each group is provided with a period of time to talk to each other. They are expected to learn pertinent details about each other and to get to know each others' personality. One person from each group is brought up in front of the audience. They are each provided with a white board to write answers. The person from each group is asked questions about themselves. Their group then tries to match those answers. It is a great way for people to get to know each other better and learn things about one another. A great game for slightly larger groups (70-150).


So You've Got Talent

We have a variety of formats designed to bring out the unsung talent of your group. Whether singing, dancing, acting, comedy, writing, skills of dexterity or human oddities, there's a format to push the boundaries and to get your coworkers, friends or family to bond as never before. Our facilitators can assist or simply provide the framework for your people to become stars. There are versions for just about any sized group (10-150) or for smaller groups (10-30) to perform in front of major audiences ranging in size into the many 100s.


Let's Deal

For larger groups, maintaining the interest of the audience can be key. Similar to the Let's Make a Deal TV show, our Let's Deal, our Emcees wander the audience challenging audience members to trade options to win a variety of prizes. The big winners from the audience are then brought on stage to make deals with one another or to trade for potential larger prizes. This is also a fun way to run a White Elephant event or other gift exchanges. Prices vary wildly based on whether we're providing the prizes and the expense involved with the prizes. Likewise, for larger audiences we might provide camera crews and projection for an additional fee.

Most company party Game Shows are provided as a low-tech adventure for the audience members to increase the flexibility of performance. Additional set elements, equipment, scoreboards, etc. are available at an increased cost. Besides the host, a Vanna is available at an increased fee, and is recommended for shows with larger audiences. Travel costs are included in any quote if needed.

truth be told

TRUTH BE TOLD In a game show designed to get people to know each other better, we interview each of 6 contestants that will be on two teams. We will want to get a feel for their personalities and learn one thing that they have done that no one attending is particularly familiar with. The six are divided into two teams. One person will be asked to make a statement that we provide them. It will either be true, the thing they told us about them, or a lie, something that we came up with that might match something their personality might actually do. The other team asks questions trying to determine if the statement was the truth or the lie. Each player goes through this process and the team with the most points wins!

Depending on the size of the audience, you would likely want to have a stand microphone with appropriate speakers. Another microphone to be used by audience members playing the game shows is likely important. As this show is often in a banquet room, it is all the more important that people spread out throughout the room can all hear the show. Of course if you have a more intimate group, sometimes it's better to have no technical assistance to have a more natural and intimate show. Keep in mind that this technical choice is yours and you take responsibility for the sound in the room.

Shows come in ranges of 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes. Prices range due to the level of customization, so you should contact us for a quote. These can be stand-alone events or can be added to other events that you are holding, enhancing any themed gathering. We can event provide games on the golf course!

employee appreciation


We help to entertain and motivate your employees by showing them a good time. Whether you want us to come to a destination as part of a Meetings and Incentives Awards program, to a golf course to entertain on a course, or simply to show them a good time in the office, we can help your team to feel as more of a part of the firm.

client appreciation


We can help you to show your customers a good time at events that are designed to deepen your relationship and help to extend their commitment to your brand. We have specific forms that can help them to more directly gain benefit from the event and feel more engaged. Our objective is to help your efforts at improving your relations.



We can help you celebrate the milestones for your organization with a variety of entertainment. For your product launches, project completion, work anniversaries, hitting your sales targets, and your holiday parties. We help you to have a great time and bond the employees over their achievements.

executive retreats


When management gets together and look for entertainment, they want programs that will entertain them at a high level. Leaders require services at a higher level than the average employee. Our entertainment options can meet even the highest of expectations. We help them appreciate their time out of the office.

lead generation


In order to enhance sales, there are many events that marketing groups participate in. There are subtle differences between Trade Shows, Seminars, Conferences and Conventions. Likewise, there are difference between events where you already know the clients and they're there to see you as opposed to cold leads. We understand these and help you generate leads.

investor relations


We help public and private companies to interact with their investors. There are large differences in the relationships between the companies we serve and angel investors at the beginning of a company's life cycle and stock investors. We can help with enhancing these relationships and improve future prospects.

OUR GREEN COMMITMENT While ultimately we serve our clients in the way that they require, we work hard to reduce the carbon footprint of any event. We recycle, utilize local talent when preferable, and look to leave places better than we found them. When we do travel, we take pains to reduce our impact on the environment.

green events

WE CARE FOR YOU! We care for you and your guests. We will discuss your desires for safety measures regarding Covid-19 and want you to feel secure in the knowledge that we are looking out for you, our client.

We provide game shows for company parties throughout the United States, and even beyond! Wherever you might be along the Atlantic Coast, the MidWest, the South, the West Coast, or anywhere else, we stand ready to help your group to have fun. This includes in the big cities, the suburbs, or further outside the urban areas. We do not provide the food or the venue. We come to you and help you to succeed in business without really trying!

food venue

We work with groups that are small, medium and large. We also work with people that are in the city, the suburbs, and that are in more rural areas. It never made sense to get our own facilities. We come to a venue of your choosing and this allows you to make your own food and beverage options. In general, you want enough light to see, enough space to move around comfortably, and it should be quiet enough to hear. Everything else can be adjusted to. We also have our insurance in order and can have COIs with your venue as an additional insured, if required.





The first step is to determine your needs. This includes potential goals, desires and concerns. Is it more than just entertainment? If you are looking to show appreciation to clients or employees, for example, then we would take one approach. If it is family and friends, we might approach it differently. The more we know about what has already been decided can allow us to narrow the conversation to approaches that interest you.



We need to know the city where the event will be as well as what kind of venue might be used. A date, or date range, for when you would like to have this and what time frame you are looking for will help to determine our commitment and availability. Knowing the size of your group, though that will likely just be an estimate, will allow us to choose appropriate options for the performance and have a better feel for the resources required.



If you know budget limitations, that can allow us to restrict the conversations to those options that will be within your financial constraints. This works in both directions. We don't want to overbuild and propose options that can't be done. Also, we don't want to not provide a large enough of a show to achieve the results that will exceed your expectations.


We want to hear from you. Call us at 866.219.4386 or email



murder mystery dinners

Murder Mystery Dinners

The classic format for entertaining groups of all types getting people working together to solve a crime.

improv comedy

Improv Comedy

A great way to get a show that is completely customized to the group and keeps the audience engaged.


Stand-Up Comedy

Comedians can come to your group and can provide a traditional night of comedic entertainment.

game shows

Game Shows

We get everyone and interacting in a variety of games ranging from those associated with TV shows and specialty items.

magic shows

Magic Shows

Our magicians can bewilder you for an evening of close-up magic, mentalism, psychics or full stage shows.



We can add a little flavor to any event by bringing characters that can create memorable moments.


We definitely appreciate THEY improv and the wonderful 'spin' you brought to our customer conference. We look forward to working with your team again in the future.

Some of Our Clients

We have worked with over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients that have entertained over the years.