Valentines Day Parties, Public Shows and Private Events

THEY improv provides improv comedy, game shows, singles mixers and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options for Valentines Day parties for a variety of groups and gatherings.

For restaurants, country clubs and bars, we have great public options. For families or clubs, we have private events that will wow your group. For smaller, more intimate groups, we have ways to create that Magic Moment that you won't forget.

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Valentines Day Parties, Private Events and Public Shows

Improv Comedy - Game Shows - Singles Mixers - Murder Mysteries

THEY improv VDayBringing some of the best improvisational performers from the area together for your Valentines Day parties to make your public shows and private events memorable.

If you are organizing your family gathering or own a venue looking to attract customers, THEY improv can bring the love to your private event or public show!

THEY improv brings a variety of options to entertain your group. Not only do we have our more standard improv comedy, game shows, singles mixers and murder mysteries, but we can help with couples contests, Magic Moments and singles games to bring people together and any other options you can come up with. We can also combine activities to help bring down the cost per activity. Simply ask us for more detail.

THEY improv comes to you. We provide the entertainment and not the food or the venue. We can provide these, but we would charge more for such things. We come to any hotel, restaurant, banquet facility or house that you might be in.

For public shows and private parties, we provide:

Improv Comedy - our signature entertainment format, an improv comedy show gets everyone laughing with comedy based on audience input. We entertain and adjust to the people who are there on the fly. We can even include our Dating Game, setting up audience members for dates, possibly using our actors as nightmare romantic partners!

Game Shows - we can bring people on stage and entertain them while having contests with one another. This can be more traditional game shows such as the Family Feud or Match Game, or play a variety of scary challenges themed with the party.

Murder Mysteries - nothing fits better with the idea of a Halloween party than having a murder mystery. With a variety of approaches to fit different sized groups, including themes associated with the holiday, we're ready to help your group have a great time.

Additionally, for public shows we can provide:

Singles Mixers - for venues looking to draw in singles for a night of fun we can get people talking to each other using elements of comedy or murder mysteries, such as our Being Single Is Murder show getting all the women speaking to all the men and vice-versa. We also have alternative lifestyle versions.

The Newly Dating Game - for venues looking to bond people while having a wild night of answers, we can find out how much couples know about each other in an offshoot of TVs The Newlywed Game.

For private events, we can also provide:

Those Were the Days - for a game show that gets people comparing relationships and learning more about one anther.

This Magic Moment - for someone who really wants to go all-out, we consult with you to create the perfect backdrop for a great evening. We've brought special bands, gotten space at museums, gotten costumed characters to sing, just about anything you can think of. We work to create something that will never be forgotten and that is completely customized to you. It's basically anything that a personal concierge would provide for the 1%.

Why settle for less? Hire THEY improv and get a show that will be remembered for years to come.

Contact us for your Valentines Day parties. THEY improv can bring a little bit of love to your group.

We can provide these throughout the country. Contact us by email at or by calling (866) 219-4386.