Corporate Talent Show Events

THEY improv provides a variety of talent show entertainment options that can be done around a dinner, a lunch or simply as a stand-alone to provide laughter and team building while the participants will likely just think that their having a good time. All of this is done while having participants not realizing the morale and group benefits being imparted.

For companies, THEY have a variety of team building and training programs to enhance client and employee appreciation, holiday gatherings and meetings and incentives awards programs.

corporate talent show events

Corporate Talent Show Events for Banquets and Private Parties

THEY improv leads the way for corporate event, banquet and private party entertainment with their talent shows. These shows, which are an offshoot of our game shows, are designed to be both entertaining and to foster bonding through the experience. Participants show new aspects of themselves to the rest of the group and overcome fears of performance by having a group shared experience.

dancingEach talent show is individualized with elements adjusted based on the needs of the audience. This includes shifting from ratings G through NC-17, wholly audience driven to packing participants with comedic performers, and from innocuous shows to shows that ambush unwitting audience members.

Most talent shows are provided as a low-tech adventure which allows us complete flexibility to adjust to the audience members as well as to fit into any venue. Our focus is on the human element as opposed to trying to allow the performers to hide behind fancy lights and sounds. Additional set elements, equipment, lasers, etc. are available at an increased cost, but are not usually recommended. Besides the host, a Vanna is available at an increased fee, and is recommended for shows with larger audiences. Travel costs will also be added to any quote as long as we know the location of the event.

anagrams backstageTalent shows vary in length and can include a training segment to develop the skills involved. This means that they can go an hour, two hours, four hours or beyond with the final performance being some 30-60 minutes depending on the style of show. Prices range due to the level of customization, so you should contact THEY improv for a quote.

Our talent shows are available at any location throughout the country including: Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville), Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New York (NYC, Westchester County, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse), Atlanta, Savannah, North Carolina, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Boston.

Contact THEY improv to find out the variety of game shows available and how hiring THEY improv is a winning proposition for everyone.

Email THEY improv at or by calling (866) 219-4386.


Our Talent Shows include:
The Idol:
Loosely based on television's American Idol, The Idol involves competitors working as either individuals or as teams to sing either popular songs or to create comedic offshoots that either talk to corporate doctrine or are simply parodies. Our panel of judges critique the performances and add some humor into the mix. This is often done in combination with Karaoke to enhance the effect. Instead of singing this can be done with dancing to convert it into Dance Idol.
Benefits: Team Work and Presentation Skills

emceeVox Populi: Loosely based on television's popular the Voice, Vox Populi pairs contestants with our professional staff to develop their individual talents. Similar to The Idol, what separates it is the element of more preparation and the tutelage of our staff. Instead of singing, this can be done with dancing to convert it into Dance Madness.
Benefits: Presentation Skills Development

The Audition: This is an audition where contestants are competing for roles in a movie. Often using scripts from actual films the contestants can first be put on film in an audition setting and then our facilitators can help guide their acting skills for redoing their audition at a more professional level.
Benefits: Presentation Skills and Vocal Clarity

So You Think You Have Talent: Loosely based on television's popular X-Factor or Gong Show, THEY improv's So You Think You Have Talent brings contestants (individually or by groups) to perform acts to the amusement of those in attendance. It's a great way to get staff to see bosses in a new context an to get people to bond. This shows unusual skills and can include anything from singing, dancing, acting, magic, juggling or practically anything else.
Benefits: Bonding

THEY improv provides these shows all around the country, though some more isolated areas may require a bit of travel. Likewise, equipment may be an issue. In general you will want a place without outside noise, a speaker system for music (if needed), with enough light for people to see and a clear line of sight to the place where the performers will be.

If you have an interest simply contact us without any obligation. You an do so by email at or you can call THEY improv at (866) 219-4386.