Harrisburg Murder Mystery Dinners

For companies looking for entertaining methods for team building and employee appreciation, THEY improv provides a variety of fun approaches for murder mystery dinners in Harrisburg for a variety of groups and gatherings.

THEY have choices that range from using participants in the show to strictly using our case for client and employee appreciation, holiday gatherings and meetings and incentives awards programs.

Harrisburg murder mystery dinners corporate events private parties banquets Pennsylvania

Harrisburg Murder Mystery Dinners for
Pennsylvania Corporate Events, Banquets and Private Parties
Central Pennsylvania - Hershey - Lancaster - York
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THEY improvHire THEY improv for a customized Harrisburg murder mystery dinner show just for your Central Pennsylvania corporate event or private party. Yes, the perfect way to enhance any gathering is a customized Harrisburg or Hershey murder mystery dinner show or lunch written just for the group and venue involved.

Perfect for Central Pennsylvania corporate events, team building workshops, private parties, weddings, family gatherings, dinners, Hershey gatherings, or charity fundraising!

Actors from THEY improv come together and set up a murder mystery dinner or lunch that the audience helps to solve. Interacting directly with the participants of the corporate event or private party, attendees help examine clues, evaluate witnesses and alibis, choose from a variety of suspects and determine the identity of the culprit.

Once THEY begin, your audience will meet and talk with the crazy cast of characters, witness a crime and then work to solve the crime, all without the Cold Case team! Laugh along with our professional, but bizarre, crime solver, as audience members help his interrogating of suspects, building his case and working his way through the winding maze of clues.

whodunitLikewise, the scripts can be adjusted to bring your audience members under suspicion. They can be interrogated and engaged in a roast type of environment. They can be found innocent by the audience with them getting applause. If you prefer, we can keep them as key suspects by using information known about their past to dig them deeper into the Harrisburg murder mystery.

That means that we work local issues into the plot. So whether you are in Hershey, at an area hotel or simply having a party in your home, we have a show tailored for you.

For team building efforts, we have a variety of techniques used to benefit the bonding of the employees. For those that don't necessarily know each other so well, or for smaller groups looking to keep costs down, we have Clue Parties. This has everyone with a character and they all talking to each other and sharing information to determine the culprit in their midst.

For slightly larger groups, say from 20-100, we have the Cambridge Solution where we have a few of your people as characters and they go from group to group that works together as a team to build a case against one of the suspects. This is also a great way to get the bosses to speak to everyone at the party and is thus a great way to celebrate the holidays or just to say thank you at the end of a project to say job well done. Similarly, a smaller version called the Dartmouth Plan can work with groups from 5-20 filling in the gap for smaller, more intimate groups.

Our gala shows or straight whodunits that are for corporate events or banquets can also have the solutions done by group allowing for the advancement of teamwork. After all, coming up with a group solution is the same in one of our shows as it might be for solving a problem in the office. There's no better way to train people than to make them think they're doing something strictly for fun!

And even if we don't know anything about the audience ahead of time, our ambush shows can completely immerse the audience in the midst of the mayhem until they realize that it's a show. This causes the audience to fully become involved in the event and the things that they have seen influence their solving of the crime because our actors can adjust to changing circumstances.

badgeThese shows can be provided not only in the evening, but also make a great idea for a lunch or at other times during the day that might not even be around a meal. This goes well with ambush scenarios when our people are supposed to be there for another purpose. Let us discuss various ideas that can work for you.

Because each and every show is completely individualized, you will need to contact us directly to receive a quote.

Contact us today to learn about how THEY improv can bring you the Harrisburg or Hershey murder mystery dinner show that will have all your friends raving about for years!

Are you involved with a charity? Ask about our Justifiable Homicides for charity! THEY improv has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations, and THEY can help you.

Whether you are in Hershey and looking for something special to be brought into the theme park, at any other venue in the area, THEY improv would like to hear from you to set up something truly special for your group.

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