Cambridge Solution Murder Mystery Dinners

THEY improv provides Cambridge Solution murder mystery dinners as a way to enhance the interaction and provide for bonding and team building for participants.

For your entertainment, THEY have a variety of scenarios that can fit most any corporate event or private party. Beyond those, we can customize new scenarios as well.

cambridge solution murder mystery dinners corporate events private parties banquets

Cambridge Solution Murder Mystery Dinners for
Corporate Events, Banquets and Private Parties

detective shawnWe work with groups of all sizes and discovered a need for a mid-sized event in addition to our small and larger event options. The Cambridge Solution is our answer to that problem for corporate events and private parties of all types.

The Cambridge Solution is designed for groups between 30 - 100 people, though we often have used versions of it for much smaller and much larger groups as well.

For smaller groups, we've created the Dartmouth Plan. This uses either half, or the whole group, as characters in the mystery. As more of a Speed Dating kind of set-up, they speak to the other audience members who try to determine which is the murderer. For groups of 30-100, our Cambridge Solution uses 4-10 people from your group as characters in the murder mystery. Usually we would request that there be one suspect per table. These characters usually go table to table at the party and answer questions, moving when we ask them to. Provided with information that they know about themselves, each other and about the crime, they are grilled by audience members. This doesn't require quality acting, just a fun spirit.

For slightly larger groups, we often will shift our approach to allow the suspects to be stationed around the room and allow people to come up to them to ask questions. While similar to the table-to-table version, this is usually played starting at dessert rather than during the meal. We have even used this version to play during golf tournaments with suspects at various holes on the course.

For much larger groups, such as one that was performed at a horse race track, we can station people around the facility and can even use social media to provide their answers to the crime.

Towards the end, we bring the suspects up and ask them for their likely excuse and to answer one question (both of which they had been provided with ahead of time). These represent their Oscar Award winning moment as they try to win a vote by the audience for the best actor.

We know for a fact that your people will likely make some mistakes along the way. Our professional host, or hosts, listen along the way and will adjust the final answer to what your people said rather than what we wrote. This helps to make certain that your people appear to be the rock stars of the evening!

The event usually runs the full course of dinner, from salad through dessert, but can be scheduled to operate in other ways. Contact THEY improv for more information on how a Cambridge Solution can be the perfect corporate or private murder mystery for your team building, charity or simple entertainment needs.

dead bodySome of Our Modern Day Scenarios:

Mysterious Death in a Millionaire's Mansion - The standard of murder mystery shows involves a millionaire holding a gala party to make an announcement about the future. A scream is heard and the body of the millionaire had been discovered in the kitchen. Suspects are in our midst and we must work together to solve the crime!

The International Heiress - Similar to the Millionaire's Mansion scenario, we have created variants where an heiress is killed in her mansion on the coast of Spain, Italy or France. The amusing characters from these countries help with giving the evening a bit more of a theme. This allows people to dress up and enjoy the evening.

Death of the Godmother - Our answer to the Godfather, this is a modern-day mobster scenario. Officially the Meeting of the Four Families, the scenario involves a group of amusing mobsters, such as Tony Baloney and Maria Antipasta, who all had a variety of reasons to potentially want the Godmother dead. Who committed the crime?

The Spy Who Killed Me - Not-so-famous British secret agent 008 is killed at his retirement party. With the collection of MI-6's best and brightest and a group of reformed villains in the room, there is no shortage of suspects who might have taken a license to kill a bit too far.

Death at a Wine Tasting - When a millionaire gets into the business of wine-making, there's always people that wouldn't be happy. There are competitors, neighbors, politicians and ex-spouses, all of which could have reasons to be stressed by the millionaire's success. Maybe they should have some wine! This is perfect for our Grapes of Laugh programs.

Death of a Celebrity - We have a couple of variations on the theme of having a celebrity who is having a party and is found dead. There are a collection of pseudo celebrities who are the suspects and may have have committed the crime of the century of the week!

Undatable: Finding a Perfect Death Match - This is a murder mystery at a singles event where the suspects are those who have yet to find love and have taken issue with their match maker.

Some Historic Scenarios:

The Death of the Alderman - Our primary 1920's mystery involves the election of an Alderman to the local government. This is a celebration with a collection of mobsters, politicians and temperance advocates in attendance. When the Alderman is found killed, justice needs to be served!

The 80's are Dead, Long Live the 80's - Music mogul Mickety Mack is found killed at a meeting of his latest charity record venture. There are a collection of pseudo celebrities who might have committed the crime. Whether it's Michael George, Girl Georgina, Miguel Llackson or any of the others needs to be determined by your audience.

Pirates of the City You Are In - Avast ye! Pirates are always popular, unless it's the leader of the gang of pirates who got himself killed!

No Class Sherlock - Created for a college environment, Sherlock had lectured at the university and now that the Dean has been found dead, the students have to determine the murderer. This scenario is in the Victorian era and is at your university on the bank of the Thames River in England.

Some Holiday Scenarios:

Here Comes Santa's Corpse - It's the North Pole and the unthinkable has happened. Santa is found dead in the cookie shop! Who could have committed the crime? Maybe it's Santa's second wife or the head of the Elfs union, Jiminy Hoffa!

The Maul Santa - It's a popular shopping mall and the mall Santa is found dead. Which of the mall employees or others could have committed such a terrible crime?

Santa Got Hit by a Snowplow - Originally produced for a snow plow company, we couldn't resist providing the scenario for others and has proven to be strangely popular. Who committed this bizarre crime?

Some Specialty Scenarios:

Death of Miss USA - A scenario written for young women or girls, the head of a pageant is killed and the suspects are the contestants from a variety of states.

Stabbed in the Back Nine - Created for Golf and Country Clubs, this is a scenario where the head of the FBI division fighting corruption in golf is killed. There are many people who wanted him dead and the suspects are right in the room!

Additional Scenarios:
We have a wide array of additional scenarios that have been created over the years. And if we don't have it, we can create it. If you have a specific theme in mind and if you don't see them above simply ask. Don't be afraid to make a request. There's never an obligation until we actually go to work on a theme.

Contact THEY improv to find out the variety of shows available and how hiring THEY improv is a winning proposition for everyone. Email THEY improv at or by phone at (866) 219-4386.