We work with a wide range of ski resorts to utilize their meeting rooms, banquet halls, and recreational facilities to bring improv comedy, game shows, magic, mentalism and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options for private parties and corporate meetings and incentives events.



  • Are you taking full advantage? - ski resorts are usually located at some of the most amazing locations in the country with recreational facilities on property. You should make certain that you will have the opportunity to take advantage of those facilities and be exposed to the broader features of the area. Often, ski resorts will offer discounts on lift tickets and other items if you request in advance of contracting with them for the event.
  • Are you getting quality food? - the quality of catering departments of ski resorts can vary wildly. They should be able to adapt to dietary requirements including no carb, Kosher, Keto, Vegan, gluten-free, and lactose free options. You should get a better understanding of their full menu options and their policies regarding outside catering. You should want to have of the local delicacies, if possible, rather than simply chicken or fish. Of course, using their personnel and facilities have many advantages, but it is good to understand your options.
  • Have you communicated your structural needs? - from the position of tables, the need for a dais, sound equipment, dance floor, lighting, a sign-in table, etc. should all be gone over prior to the event and you should be sure that you have everything that you will need. Likewise, knowing what is available, you might find some resources for free that you weren't aware that you had access to. This can include microphones, background music, or many other things.
  • Are there hidden costs? - there can be all kinds of hidden fees that you might not be aware of. Most likely these aren't being hidden from you, but you just might not be aware. This goes beyond alcohol and food, but extend to sound equipment, added personnel, parking on site, extending time in the room, etc. You also need to know if there is a resort fee. if so, you might want to get that waived, make sure that it is on your bill instead of being billed to the guests as a surprise, and should know what the resort fee covers. You can turn that into an advantage to your guests by explaining that they get Internet access, etc. It's important to find out what might not be considered. Feel free to ask the dumb questions, you may just find that you get smart answers.
  • How will people find your event? - what steps will be taken by the ski resort to show signage for your event to ensure that your guests can find it easily.
  • Can the area be accessed during bad weather? - knowing how well they plow and what options might be available to you if the facility can not be accessed due to weather is important. Knowing if money can be refunded in such a case, for example, could be valuable.
  • What methods are used to reduce environmental harm? - knowing if they locally source foods, recycle, etc. can help to justify the choice of venue as opposed to one that does not. While not everyone cares, some of your guests might appreciate the extra step if you let them know. In general, ski resorts tend to be more cognitive of such issues than many other facilities since they rely on the bounties of nature.
  • What else is scheduled next door at the same time? - if you have a church group and a pornography convention is next door, that could become a major issue. Or, more simply, your biggest business rival could be next door with their corporate party. It's a simple question that will most likely not have an impact on your choice. Then again, knowing can prevent a major problem from occurring.
  • Can you get points for the event? - ski resorts often are part of hotel chains and have loyalty programs. It is possible that you can get points given to your account for the expense of the event. It might be enough to get free room-nights or other perks. Even if you don't feel comfortable gaining such an advantage by using them for yourself, your company would appreciate it if you would use those points to reduce future travel costs. Or you could even donate them to a charity or to someone in need. And, if none of that, it can help you achieve higher status which just results in better treatment. And with them knowing that you are a member, you could have preferential treatment for your event. Ski Resorts live and die by supporting their preferred guests.
  • Do they have insurance requirements? - in order to bring entertainers into an event, many ski resorts require that such companies be properly insured. We are prepared for such requirements, but a lot of providers are not. Knowing what the hoops are that need to be jumped through can allow us to provide you with proper documentation well before any deadlines that they might have given you.

We consult with you about issues that might come up in regards to your event and the ski resort you have chosen. We are ready to discuss your event and bring the best options based on our conversations that are custom-tailored to your group. For entertainment, this can include a variety of activities from murder mysteries and game shows, to fun characters and comedy. We can also provide scavenger hunts and the like to help take advantage of the full scope of the property, or even leave the property for discovering more about the area while returning for dinner. These are great options for private parties and corporate meetings and incentives events conducted offsite.

murder mystery

Murder Mysteries

Our cast of detectives, mysterious suspects and plots are customized to your special events and adjust to your your desires. We have different approaches and themes to fit almost any group that can be adapted to the space in the resort you have chosen, possibly with the local flavor of the larger resort area. For example, a ski resort event might be about the death of an Olympic skier.

game shows

Game Shows

We engage the competitive spirit of partygoers and get them playing with one another and enjoying the fun. These are a lot of the TV styled shows as well as customized formats that we can create just for your family and friends. Depending on the size of your group, resorts could provide a raised stage if needed. This could also include games around the whirlpool or other recreational areas.

improv comedy

Improv Comedy Shows

Improvisational comedy is a great way to have an ensemble entertain your group in a relaxed atmosphere. We can use this to get people laughing and having a shared experience and even incorporate your people in the show.


Magic and Mentalism

We can bring a variety of magicians and mentalists to your event. They can perform by roaming through your group with one-on-one performances, or they can perform on stage in front of the group as a whole. Sound, stage, and lighting can be an issue for larger groups. The magician could also do crowd work at a variety of times all over the resort.

fun characters

Fun Characters

We can bring fun characters to interact with your groups. These can be for comedic value as well as to create a surprise in a variety of ways. With Santas, police, ski pros, catering staff, rowdy guests, and many other options, we can pep up any gathering. These characters can fit within the ski resort, or be more generic or customized to your group.

If you own the ski resort, you might want to consider a public show of some kind. This can be for your guests, the general public, or for targeted groups. The targeted groups might be preferred guests, event planners, wedding coordinators, travel agents, or corporate executives. We can consult with you to come up with great ways to entertain such groups. These can be used to turn an unused space into a revenue generator, to get positive publicity for your space, or to target specific industries or groups as potential guests or banquet clients. These can be done in season or off season.

For corporate events, which can include offsites, training or team building, we work with you to come up with the approaches that can help you to achieve the goals for you and your company. This includes working with you and the ski resort to determine the best option in combining the resources of the facility and your desired goals. This helps to make sure that those who attend enjoy the event and find it as a positive influence on their professional development.


WE CARE FOR YOU! While concerns for Covid have been reduced, we do have methods and techniques to operate with a variety of social distancing, PPE safety equipment, and remote performances. We consult with you should you have concerns for our performances to protect you and your guests.

OUR GREEN COMMITMENT While ultimately we serve our clients in the way that they require, we work hard to reduce the carbon footprint of any event. We recycle, utilize local talent when preferable, and look to leave places better than we found them. When we do travel, we take pains to reduce our impact on the environment.

green events

We provide entertainment for private parties and corporate events at ski resorts throughout the United States, and even beyond! Wherever you might be along the Atlantic Coast, the MidWest, the South, the West Coast, or anywhere else, we stand ready to help your group to have fun. This includes in the big cities, the suburbs, or further outside the urban areas. We do not provide the food or the venue. We come to you and help you have a great time!

food venue

We work with groups that are small, medium and large. We also work with people that are in the city, the suburbs, and that are in more rural areas. It never made sense to get our own facilities. We come to a venue of your choosing and this allows you to make your own food and beverage options. In general, you want enough light to see, enough space to move around comfortably, and it should be quiet enough to hear. Everything else can be adjusted to. We also have our insurance in order and can have COIs with your venue as an additional insured, if required.





The first step is to determine your needs. This includes potential goals, desires and concerns. The more we know about what has already been decided can allow us to narrow the conversation to approaches that interest you.



We need to know the city where the event will be as well as what kind of venue might be used. A date, or date range, for when you would like to have this and what time frame you are looking for will help to determine our commitment and availability. Knowing the size of your group, though that will likely just be an estimate, will allow us to choose appropriate options and have a better feel for the resources required.



If you know budget limitations, that can allow us to restrict the conversations to those options that will be within your financial constraints. This works in both directions. We don't want to overbuild and propose options that can't be done. Also, we don't want to provide less than we could realizing the resources that could be made available to better achieve your goals.


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