Silicon Prairie Business Consulting Services
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THEY improv helps companies to think outside the box and to get new perspectives on issues that directly effect the bottom line. We can consult with your group and listen to your needs. We come at it with a mind's eye of finding the best approach for your group to better achieve your goals.

For companies that are at a point of transition, or facing internal stress, there is no better way to achieve success than to utilize improvisational techniques to bond employees and promote innovative solutions.

Silicon Prairie business consulting services corporate events team building executive coaching

Silicon Prairie Business Consulting Services

Corporate Events - Team Building - Executive Coaching
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Here are just a few examples of scholarly articles on how improvisation is being used to benefit businesses world-wide:

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With years of experience providing Silicon Prairie business consulting services, the staff of THEY improv bring their skills to solve your needs. Whether you are looking for help in achieving corporate culture change, merger or acquisition assimilation, simple team building workshops, leadership training, employee recognition, bonding, meetings and incentives or skills training, the professionals at THEY improv can assist you in unique ways.

As a major technology hub of the U.S., though spread out over a large area of the Midwest, Silicon Prairie business consulting services need to understand the technology industry and its particular needs. This means that you need to understand the companies involved and how their unique problems of turnover, outsourcing and corporate culture. Likewise, with the many Fortune 1,000 Companies here and the unique nature of young wealthy people in the tech industry from a variety of cultures, Silicon Prairie business consulting services requires high skill and attention to detail.

Improvisational techniques can help increase the efficiency of your business, help your adjustment to ever-changing market conditions, smooth transitions in administration, enhance corporate presentations and better enable the administration of corporate doctrine.

When it comes to marketing, an improvisational workshop can help foster creativity, generate new and unique ideas and help produce results in a safe and creative environment. THEY improv can assist you with a marketing idea brainstorming session, or help your staff to get more creative.

There are a variety of popular techniques and approaches that we can also take if you prefer. These are a little less customized but are a bit more industry standardized approaches. For example, we can utilize the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the DISC HR Personality Assessment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicators as well as many other programs.

And our staff can consult with you on creating successful usage of online marketing techniques, bringing you success through the search engines and enhancing your approaches to the web. Their creative staff can create viral marketing campaigns to help your organization to garner desired attention. Additionally, THEY improv can use newer grass-roots approaches such as Social Media powerhouses Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and guerrilla marketing techniques such as street teams or publicity stunts to assist you to find newer clients.

computer chipsTHEY improv provides these services throughout all three regions that share the name. In the Midwest, THEY improv serves Lincoln and Omaha in Nebraska, Des Moines and Sioux City in Iowa, Minnesota, Fargo in North Dakota, Kansas City in Missouri and South Dakota. In Illinois, we serve both the greater Chicago area as well as Champaign-Urbana. And in the northern areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we're proud to serve Plano, Irving, Las Colinas, Frisco and anywhere else you can think of.

THEY can help you find the success you need at a price you can afford!

Contact us by email at or call (866) 219-4386.