Cambridge Solution Murder Mystery Dinners

THEY improv provides Cambridge Solution murder mystery dinners as a way to enhance the interaction and provide for bonding and team building for participants.

For your entertainment, THEY have a variety of scenarios that can fit most any corporate event or private party. Beyond those, we can customize new scenarios as well.

cambridge solution murder mystery dinners corporate events private parties banquets

Cambridge Solution Murder Mystery Dinners for
Corporate Events, Banquets and Private Parties

detective shawnTHEY improv works with groups of all sizes and discovered a need for a mid-sized event in addition to their small and larger event options. The Cambridge is the solution to that problem.

The Cambridge Solution is designed for groups between 30 - 100 people, though it can serve larger and smaller groups as well. This custom-built murder mystery party uses 4-10 people from your group as characters in the murder mystery. These characters talk to everyone at the party and answer questions. They had been provided with information that they know about themselves, know about each other and know about the crime. This doesn't require quality acting, just a fun spirit.

Towards the end, we bring the suspects up and ask them for their likely excuse and to answer one question (both of which they had been provided with ahead of time). This is their Oscar award winning moment as they try to win a vote by the audience for the best actor.

The event usually runs the full course of dinner, from salad through dessert, but can be scheduled to operate in other ways. Contact THEY improv for more information on how a Cambridge Solution can be the perfect corporate or private murder mystery for your team building, charity or simply entertainment needs.


This scenario involves a very specific part of our society, the stock car enthusiast. The rogues gallery of suspects includes a variety of drivers, pit crew, advertisers and executives that could all have been the one that killed the top driver. The names are usually slightly changed to allow the participants to play characters without doing impressions though a "Get 'er done" is always appreciated.

The characters go from table to table and try to get their point across to the audience.

This scenario has also been played with slight offshoots including Formula One and Gran Prix racing and a variety of other possibilities.

With THEY improv, customization is our specialty.

dead bodySome Scenarios:

Mysterious Death in a Millionaire's Mansion
(available in standard or on the coast of Spain, Italy or France)

Death of the Godmother
(our answer to the Godfather)

The Spy Who Killed Me
(the death of MI-6's 008)

The Death of the Alderman
(a 1920's genre)

The 80's are Dead, Long Live the 80's
(a 1980's genre)

Death at a Wine Tasting

Death of a Celeb

Some Specialty Scenarios:

Here Comes Santa's Corpse - Christmas

Santa Got Hit by a Snowplow - Christmas

No Class Sherlock - Colleges

Death of Miss USA - Girls

Stabbed in the Back Nine - For Golf and Country Clubs

Undatable: Finding a Perfect Death Match - Singles


Pirates - Arrrrggghhhh, I'm Dead - Pirates

Practically anything else you can think of for your group.

Additional Scenarios:
We have a wide array of additional scenarios. If you have a specific theme in mind and if you don't see them above simply ask. Every event is completely customized, so don't be afraid to make a request.

Contact THEY improv to find out the variety of shows available and how hiring THEY improv is a winning proposition for everyone. Email THEY improv at or by phone at (866) 219-4386.