Murder Mystery Clue Parrties

THEY improv provides mix-and-mingle events for people to play the characters in a murder mystery clue party where they interact and answer questions.

For companies, THEY have a variety of team building and training programs to enhance client and employee appreciation, holiday gatherings and meetings and incentives awards programs.

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Murder Mystery Clue Parties
A Shot of Wine
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detective shawnOur Wine Tasting Murder Mystery version is filled with colorful characters surrounding an evening wine tasting in a millionaire's mansion. The wine flows and people are enjoying an evening together. The place is filled with people with ulterior motives and trouble is afoot. Various employees, business acquaintances, political figures, friends, enemies and family of the victim are all characters in an evening of murder and mayhem.

You are going to the winery attached to the estate of one of the biggest millionaires in town for his annual gala. The estate is decorated beautifully and is envied by all in attendance. Some of are attending for pleasure and some on business. Others are attending for more sinister reasons and of course some are there as employees of the vineyard.

A shot rang out. Two minutes later the millionaire was found in the wine cellar. He had been shot and was prounounced dead. Working through the buzz, your group has to work together to find the murderer in their midst.

This is a custom-built murder mystery party for your group with a THEY improv professional facilitating the evening and making sure that everyone has a good time. With our emcee watching over your group, the attendees are pitted against one of their own, a murderer, who works to get away with murder! If someone solves the crime, the murderer is found and the super sleuth gets a prize. If the murderer gets away with it, he or she gets the prize instead! Additionally, a prize is given to the best actor/actress in your group.

diningEssentially a "Clue Party", this is a great team building corporate event as well as a way for families to celebrate their special occasions. A great game for smaller groups (15-50) that are looking for unique entertainment. Additional options are available for larger groups.

Additional Scenarios:
We have a wide array of additional scenarios. If you have a specific theme in mind and if you don't see them above simply ask. We might already have it available, or we can develop customized scenarios for you for an additional fee. Click Here to View Our Clue Murder Mystery Scenarios.

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