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THEY improv constantly looks for ways to give back to the communities we serve. With a variety of improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for fundraising for a variety of charities, THEY improv's Comedy With a Cause and Justifiable Homicides have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for worthwhile causes. We have found that giving of our time comes back to us in a myriad of ways and we love trying to help when we can..

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group dynamicTHEY improv continues their efforts at supporting local charities by performing at a benefit for JA Alliance helping to provide summer camps to children affected with arthritis. These programs allow children to participate in activities with other children dealing with similar circumstances and to learn to improve their outlook on life and better cope with the problems and stresses associated with arthritis.

THEY improv's classes are having a benefit performance at National Lampoon's Comedy Club in Fort Lauderdale Beach to support the organization. All tickets sold will have the proceeds go to the JA Alliance to benefit their summer camps programs.

Unfortunately we don't think that we'll raise enough money to do the job with this event, but hopefully we'll help to raise some awareness as well and make it easier for the organization. Regardless, we hope that the members of the organization simply get the feeling that people recognize their efforts and we hope they keep up the good work.

charity showsThe American Juvenile Arthritis Organization (AJAO) was formed in 1981 as a council of the Arthritis Foundation to serve as an advocate for, and work to improve the quality of life for children with rheumatic diseases and their families.

This organization is part of a broader effort aimed at arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation is the only nationwide, nonprofit health organization helping people take greater control of arthritis. The mission of the Arthritis Foundation is to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases.

We hope that you will find out more about the organization and find out how you can help. You can also reach their area offices in Miami at (305) 755-6500.

About THEY improv. THEY improv provides entertainment for corporate events, private parties and charitable functions. Over the years, THEY improv has raised tens of thousands of dollars for a variety of charities. For more information about THEY improv you can consult the THEY improv website or contact THEY at (305) 948-7750.