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THEY improv constantly looks for ways to give back to the communities we serve. With a variety of improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for fundraising for a variety of charities, THEY improv's Comedy With a Cause and Justifiable Homicides have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for worthwhile causes. We have found that giving of our time comes back to us in a myriad of ways and we love trying to help when we can..

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THEY improv performed at the North Miami Beach Theatre to benefit Hope For Vision on Monday, April 24th, 2006 in the first Hope For Vision, Live! event.

theyThe event was featured on Deco Drive, several radio spots and in the print media.

THEY improv, Broward County's improv troupe, performed with MadTV's Keegan Michael Key to benefit Hope For Vision to help fight the Miami Children's Hospital "Radio Lollipop" program at the world famous Miami Improv on Wednesday, April 5th.

The thousands of dollars that were raised will be used to raise awareness of retinal degenerative diseases and to help fight for prevention and a cure.

Hope For Vision, Live! Keegan Michael KeyTHEY improv was joined by Keegan Michael Key on stage for a long form performance of the Harold, the improv form that was the brain child of improv guru Del Close and popularized by the Improv Olympic theater in Chicago. The piece featured a variety of connected scenes, games and organic pieces that explore a single suggestion provided by the audience. This was one of the few times this piece has been performed in South Florida.

THEY improv players and Keegan-Michael Key worked hand in hand performing a piece that wowed the audience.

"Keegan Michael Key is truly one of the good guys," said THEY improv director Todd Rice. "To get a chance to work with him like this is not only great because he's on MadTV, but because he's simply a great person to work with. I look forward to working with him again."

The "Illegally Blind" event featured a variety of top-notch entertainment including MadTV's Keegan Michael Key, DJ Le Spam, The Green Room, and the Laughing Gas Improv Theatre Company. Because the Miami Heat made the playoffs, the Miami Heat Dancers had to attend the game, leaving the Miami Heat Dancers Team Two to take to the stage. Comprised of members of THEY improv, Laughing Gas and Steve Gladstone, it was a dance piece not to be forgotten.

The evening raised awareness and funds to fight blindness and featured the South Florida premier of descriptive audio services for theatrical productions and live filming of the event.

charity shows"Our 'Comedy With a Cause' program continues to raise money for charities while changing the face of comedy in South Florida," said THEY Director Todd Rice. "Participating in Hope For Vision, Live! fit directly with what we're working on: Using entertainment to benefit the community. This evening helped change the way people see, figuratively and literally."

Hope For Vision is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of retinal degenerative and other blinding diseases, to providing information and community tools to help those coping with vision loss, and to developing the tools required to support a grassroots movement to raise urgently needed funding for scientific research.

THEY improv continues to change the face of Comedy in South Florida by joining this show. THEY improv was selected at the ImprovMiami Prizes 2005 as the Best Short Form Troupe for Broward County.

More information about Hope For Vision, Live! is available on their website at

About THEY improv
THEY improv is Broward County's improv comedy troupe, selected by the ImprovMiami Prizes as Broward's Best Short Form Troupe 2005. Often performing for charities, THEY improv is changing the face of comedy in South Florida. THEY can be seen in various venues in the area and the website at is regularly updated with information about upcoming events and shows.