Hawaii Hospitality Training
Hotel Guest Relations / Customer Service Workshops

THEY improv provides a variety of programs to assist your organization to improve your ability to enhance guest relations and to improve the amount of returning business. This is true for hotel front desk staff as well as area attractions.

For convention and visitor's bureaus, we can help raise the level of customer service and benefit the reputation of the community as a whole.

Hawaii hospitality training customer service guest relations workshops

Hawaii Hospitality Training Workshops

Improve Customer Service and Enhance Guest Relations
Oahu - Honolulu - Maui - The Big Island - Hilo - Lanai - Kauai - Molokai

they hiTHEY improv can help you boost the quality of your employees with their Hawaii hospitality training seminars and team building workshops. Whether you are trying to enhance your front desk skills, phone center customer service or even housekeeping, THEY improv can bring a smile to the face of your employees and your guests alike.

The area resorts cater to the needs of clients that come to the islands from the mainland as well as for people locally. Our people have been trained to improve your customer service and our Hawaii hospitality training can help increase your guests repeat business. More positive reviews and increased guest satisfaction, that should be the goal of every Hawaii hospitality program.

theyProud to serve the entire Aloha State including Oahu in Honolulu, Diamond Head, Waikiki, Aiea, 'Ewa, Kapolei, the Big Island in Hilo, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai and practically everywhere else, though some of the more isolated areas will involve a traveling expense.

THEY can help you find the success you need at a price you can afford!

Contact us by email at info@THEYimprov.com or by calling (866) 219-4386.