Culver City Corporate Events, Banquets and Private Parties

THEY improv provides improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options for a variety of groups and gatherings throughout the Westside of Los Angeles.

For companies, THEY have a variety of team building and training programs to enhance client and employee appreciation, holiday gatherings and meetings and incentives awards programs.

Culver City corporate events private parties banquets Westside of Los Angeles

Culver City Corporate Events, Banquets and Private Parties

Westside of Los Angeles Improv Comedy - Game Shows - Murder Mystery Dinners

hollywood signIf you have a group looking for quality Culver City corporate event, banquet and private party entertainment in Los Angeles, look no further than THEY improv!

Whether you'd enjoy an improv comedy, interactive game show or Los Angeles murder mystery dinner in the Heart of Screenland, THEY improv can provide you with a Culver City private party, corporate event, banquet or murder mystery dinner that will help you succeed beyond your expectations!

THEY improv leads the way for Los Angeles murder mystery dinner shows for Culver City private parties, banquets and corporate events. With a cast of detectives, quirky suspects and plots customized to each group at a venue of your choosing for luncheons or dinner shows, THEY improv will have your group trying to discover whodunit while laughing the night away. For mid-sized groups, we have a team building version called the Cambridge Solution using the bosses as characters and teams working together to solve the crime. And for smaller groups, THEY improv has a game show version where the participants play all the characters in a mix and mingle party designed to get people to talk to each other and have a great time in a no-pressure environment.

detectiveImprovisational comedy is a great way to have our ensemble entertain your group through proven performances that adjust to you. With the lightning in a bottle nature of the shows, everything is made up in the moment meaning that we couldn't repeat a show even if we tried! The audience is part of the creative process. We have full shows as well as our Improv Is Magic approach that uses your people as the performers in a safe environment run by a professional director making it easy and fun for the participants! For companies, we can provide our Good, Bad, and Ugly panel to answer quetions from the audience to put your people in a favorable light.

happy gameGame shows invite your group to participate more directly through actually coming up on stage and being put through TV Show-styled game shows to compete for not very expensive prizes (we wouldn't want anyone unhappy that they didn't win). With a wide selection like our version of the Family Feud, the Match Game, Minute to Win It or the Newlywed Game, there is something to take care of your group. For larger groups and to increase participation, we also have Trivia Night shows that have each table or group competing against every other group, Audience Olympiads that divide your audience into 2-3 teams to compete in games, and What's the Deal? as an offshoot of the Let's Make A Deal TV Show. Our versions of these shows tend to emphasize the personal element and can be enhanced for team building, appreciation or just plain old fun. Simply contact our director to talk through the best options for your group.

For situations where you are looking to have people mingle, such as at conferences or with employees that work remotely, we have the Secret Agent Academy. Your people are transformed into Secret Agents looking for a mole in their midst. They are trying to find someone that was given three false pieces of information to share about themselves while trying to convince the others that they are the mole. If they catch the mole, they get a prize. If they are identified as the mole and they are not the mole, then the one that convinced them wins a prize. It's a great way to get people bonding and learning about one another.

For families, this can take the form of celebrations for weddings, engagements, Bachelor and Bachelorette celebrations, birthdays, reunions, anniversaries and just about anything else you can think of. For gatherings for children and teens, they have their own birthday needs, Sweet 16s, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Project Graduations, After or Post Proms and holidays that are focused on the kids.

We come to you! It is so much more convenient to have a location of choosing with the food and atmosphere that you like. Working with so many groups of such different sizes, it never made sense to have people come to us. Besides the great restaurants, catering facilities, conference rooms and hotels, THEY improv can even come directly into your home or apartment. This can provide the most intimate of options for your amusement for family gatherings or an out of the office evening of bonding. With no pre-defined location, this opens whole new ideas and possibilities that you might not have even considered previously.

We also provide stand-up comedy options to entertain a variety of functions. This ranges from simply providing Emcee services to having one to three comedians on-site to entertain a banquet. The prices have a wide range due to a large and diverse group of available talent. Contact us for more details.

santa clausAll of these are excellent ways to boost employee morale at meetings and incentives awards gatherings providing new ways to get staff to work together for team building while they feel that the program is just to show your appreciation for their hard work. Whether you are looking for employee recognition, an office holiday party, Halloween or Christmas gift exchange or simply to have a good time, we have ideas that can help your organization with its bonding.

While other companies sometimes have staff that are simply looking for their big break, THEY improv has put together a variety of Culver City corporate comedy events, meetings and incentives awards, team building workshops and skills training seminars to help you grow your business. Our interest is in making your company better.

liveRight in the center of it all, with its own convention facilities, hotels, restaurants and major shopping zones as well as major company offices located right here, Culver City corporate events, banquets and private parties don't have far to travel for a quality venue.

perfectThe area is known for quality entertainment. The Kirk Douglas Theatre is an indication of the dedication to the arts of the area. Companies that are located here demand a high quality level and THEY improv has risen to the challenge.

There are several high-rise commercial buildings with staffs looking for team building options and ways to keep up morale. We can come into these office environments and provide everything from holiday entertainment to team building workshops or skills training seminars.

The attachment to Hollywood in The Heart of Screenland is obvious. Many of the companies based here deal with Hollywood. Because their business is entertainment, having a high-standard of performance for any gathering is an absolute must.

Serving Culver City corporate events, banquets and private parties requires an understanding of the varying areas and people here. There is a wide array of locations in the area to go including the variety of office buildings, restaurants and luxury convention space at hotels. They each have unique challenges that THEY improv is ready to meet.

liveCulver City private parties for families or corporate events are improved through all of these programs. And for an area as interesting and diverse as the people of this area of Los Angeles are, THEY improv is ready to provide activities that will work for everyone providing entertainment, wellness, bonding and training. After all, being improvisers, THEY can adjust to practically anything.

THEY improv is proud to provide Culver City corporate events, banquets and private parties throughout the rest of the area including Bel Air, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Malibu, Sunset Strip, Wilshire, Westwood, Brentwood, Century, Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Westchester, LAX as well as the rest of L.A. We also serve the rest of Southern California including Orange County, the valley, San Bernardino, the Inland Empire and everywhere else you can think of.

Contact us by email at or by calling (213) 867-1795.

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