College Campus Murder Mystery Dinners
Poetry Slam Theme

THEY improv's Poetry Slam theme for a college campus murder mystery dinner is a great way to get the students to participate in the event and get excited about becoming engaged in the action.

For campus activity boards, THEY have a variety of programs to enhance the student experience and improve the reputation of the school.

College Campus murder mystery dinners corporate events private parties banquets

College Campus Murder Mystery Dinners
Poetry Slam Theme

THEY improvHire THEY improv for a customized show just for you. Yes, the perfect way to enhance any corporate event, banquet or private party is a customized college campus murder mystery dinner show written just for the group and venue involved.

Perfect for fraternity or sorority gatherings, activities board events, student organization functions or charity fundraising!

Actors from THEY improv come together and set up a college campus murder mystery that the students help to solve. Interacting directly with the participants of the event, attendees help examine clues, evaluate witnesses and alibis, choose from a variety of suspects and determine the culprit.

THEY improv has created a special college murder mystery designed to entertain university students and keep them interacting with the event. This is our poetry slam.

Based around a fictional new reality show called Poetry Slammers. The producer of the show brings his entourage to the campus and is having a competition to find out who will be the next King Slammer. Beyond THEY improv's colorful cast of characters, audience members are invited to come up on stage and perform for the Poetry Slam that goes on during the meal.

Once the meal is over and all performers have gone, the producer is ready to announce the winner and dies, the victim of homicide. Our detective then takes over and brings 'suspects' up on stage including students that have made themselves well-known during the course of the evening. These suspects are interrogated amusingly and then released as they prove to the audience that they shouldn't be suspects.

accusedLikewise, the scripts can be adjusted to provide education of various types, whether it be university policies, moral lessons or other doctrine, members of the poetry slam entourage can be given various characteristics and either put a positive spin on characteristics you want to be emulated or negative spin on behavior you wish to be seen as counterproductive.

For smaller groups we have a budget-friendly mix and mingle event that will keep your group entertained.

Because every corporate event and private party is custom designed you have to contact THEY improv directly to receive a quote for your banquet.

Contact us today to learn about how THEY improv can bring you the college campus murder mystery dinner show or luncheon that will have all your friends talking about for years!

angelsFor fraternities, sororities and other university organizations, THEY improv can custom-tailor to fit most any situation. Everything we's all Greek to us!

Let THEY improv know the size of your group and we can provide you with ideas and a quote for a tailor-made show to make your college campus event a success. We have already entertained at many top universities across the country. Let us provide you with an evening of entertainment that will not soon be forgotten!

Contact us today to learn about how THEY can help your college campus murder mystery dinner show succeed without really trying!

Email us at or by calling (866) 219-4386. THEY will then follow-up and talk to you about your needs to come up with a proposal that will fit your requirements and your budget.