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THEY improv constantly looks for ways to give back to the communities we serve. With a variety of improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for fundraising for a variety of charities, THEY improv's Comedy With a Cause and Justifiable Homicides have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for worthwhile causes. We have found that giving of our time comes back to us in a myriad of ways and we love trying to help when we can..

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THEY improv continues their efforts at supporting local charities by performing in Coral Gables to benefit Miami's Camillus House in two shows. One in December and the other New Years' Day. These were both short-form improv audiences done with other local improvisers. The audiences appreciated the shows and the homeless will appreciate the benefits that Camillus House provides.

charity showsTHEY improv has established themselves as leaders in shows for charitable organizations in South Florida. Over the years with their Comedy With a Cause and Justifiable Homicide programs, thousands of dollars have been raised for various local and national organizations.

Now THEY improv has raised a small amount of money for a local quality charity called Camillus House. In so doing, the funds will be used to help provide benefits to the homeless in South Florida. As always, focus is on providing funds and awareness to the smaller local charities that need more help in these tough times.

Camillus House: Proving humanitarian services to the poor and homeless
Serving the South Florida community since 1960, Camillus House is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian services to men, women and children who are poor and homeless. Camillus offers a full continuum of services that includes food, shelter, housing, rehabilitative treatment, and health care. Each service is carried out with the deeply held belief that every human being deserves love, respect and an opportunity to live a dignified life.

We hope that you will find out more about the organization on their website,, and find out how you can help.

Our comedy with a cause program is proud of its work with charities, both on the local and national level. The charities vary from fighting diseases, supporting those dealing with their effects, overcoming natural disasters and fighting poverty. We hope that you will contact the charities that we work with and assist them either with financial or personal support.

If you have an organization looking for some way to raise money, please contact THEY improv to see if we can work to help you meet your goals and help your organization achieve their goals.