Bahamas Dinner Cruise Entertainment
for Corporate Events, Banquets and Private Parties

THEY improv provides improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options on any cruise ship, boat or barge for a variety of groups and gatherings throughout the waters of the Bahamas.

For companies, THEY have a variety of team building and training programs to enhance client and employee appreciation, holiday gatherings and meetings and incentives awards programs that can go aboard any vessel. Remember, we provide the entertainment, not the vessel.

Bahamas dinner cruise entertainment corporate events private parties banquets

Bahamas Dinner Cruise Entertainment
Corporate Events, Banquets and Private Parties

Improv Comedy - Game Shows - Murder Mystery Dinners
Nassau - Atlantis - Paradise Island - Bimini - Great Exuma
Freeport - Grand Bahama Island

on the waterSouth Florida's best in corporate event and private party interactive comedy shows is now available to perform for your Bahamas dinner cruise entertainment. With a collection of seasoned actors, THEY improv has trained for years to handle anything that their audiences can throw at them. And nothing is more unpredictable than the Caribbean!

With shows tailored to the oceangoing and sailing crowd, THEY improv can provide Bahamas murder mystery shows, interactive game shows and their signature improv comedy shows on a variety of super yachts, boats and cruise ships.

Whether you are scheduling a large family outing, private party or a corporate event at sea, contact THEY improv today and find out how THEY can bring you laughter on the Caribbean waves!

Whether traveling from the Freeport, Nassau, Atlantis Paradise Island or even going to a private island, THEY improv is ready for your Bahamas private party or corporate event.

THEY improv provides the entertainment, you provide the boat. We like our flexibility. This means that we provide our shows in as many locations as possible, whether that location is in a hotel, a restaurant, on a fishing boat or a larger organized cruise. We talk to the captain and the company to help bring you a good time while you are on board, but you have to arrange for the boat yourself.

Because there are so many variables to dinner cruise entertainment, you must contact THEY improv for a proposal. THEY improv is surprisingly affordable and dominates the Bahamas corporate events and private party market from South Florida for these on-board performances. Contact THEY improv today at or at 305-948-7750 or 866-219-4386.


Murder Mystery at Sea
murder mystery dinner showsActors from THEY improv come together and set up a Bahamas murder mystery dinner show that the audience helps to solve. Interacting directly with the participants of the event, attendees help examine clues, evaluate witnesses and alibis, choose from a variety of suspects and determine the culprit.

Once THEY begin, your audience will meet and talk with the crazy cast of characters, witness a crime and then work to solve the crime before returning to the dock, all without CSI Miami's crime lab! Laugh along with our professional, but bizarre, crime solver, as audience members help him interrogate suspects and work his way through the winding maze of clues. This often makes audience members shine, which is perfect for meetings and incentives awards gatherings, leaving employees with a sense of being appreciated.

Likewise, each script is customized to your group making each show a once in a lifetime event.

Because every corporate event and private party is custom designed you have to contact THEY improv directly to receive a quote for your banquet. Email us at or call 305-948-7750 or 866-219-4386.

Game Shows
THEY improv works with your group to provide interactive game shows that keep the party going and the audience roaring with laughter. With a variety of game show options from traditional favorites to THEY improv creations, there is no party that can't be transformed by a THEY improv interactive game show!

Each show is individualized with elements adjusted based on the needs of the audience. This includes shifting from ratings G through NC-17, wholly audience driven to packing participants with comedic performers, and innocuous shows to shows that ambush unwitting audience members.

Improv Comedy Shows
improv comedy showsThese are the shows that have made THEY improv famous. Having performed their signature show at most of the top venues and hotels in South Florida, THEY improv is more than capable of providing quality improv comedy entertainment aboard any vessel. With a variety of 30-45-60-and 90 minute shows featuring between 4-7 actors, THEY improv can provide you with a show that will fit your budget and have your guests going overboard with laughter!

luauThe Bahamas have been a primary destination for companies around the world looking to get away from it all. Not just a tax and banking haven, the Bahamas are rich with exotic locations, beautiful hotels with full conference centers, and access via cruise ships that are constantly visiting the islands.

We service the area from our South Florida headquarters. This means that events booked in the Bahamas do require that travel and lodging be provided by our clients as well as certain logistical issues must be covered. But with the proximity of South Florida, this is still much less expensive than counterparts in other parts of the United States. There is no one better to provide great comedy for your Bahamas dinner cruise entertainment for corporate events and private parties than THEY improv. Their wide selection of options, such as Game Shows, Improv Comedy Shows and Murder Mysteries, allow them to tailor a show to your needs. Whether you are in Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Freeport or anywhere else in the islands, if you need someone to work within your budget, venue and audience, THEY improv is the choice to produce a show to meet your needs.

All of our U.S. efforts are available throughout the islands including Nassau on Providence Island, Atlantis on Paradise Island, Freeport on Grand Bahama, Bimini, Great Exuma and the many other islands, yachts and boats that fill this tropical paradise. There may be some travel charges and other fees based on services and location.

Contact us today to find out more about how THEY improv can help your business. Email us at or call 305-948-7750 or 866-219-4386.