Arena and Stadium Entertainment

THEY improv provides arena and stadium entertainment with a variety of on-field options, improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners.

For large audiences, THEY have a variety of programs that can entertain even the largest of groups.

arena and stadium entertainment comedy

Arena and Stadium Entertainment

Improv Comedy - Game Shows - Murder Mystery Dinners

they improvA whole new genre of entertainment is now available for your large-scale event. THEY improv are the new masters of Arena and Sports Stadium Entertainment. Able to tailor an entertainment package for your venue, THEY can provide a variety of options that can add an element to your event to help it never be forgotten.

There is more and more competition for the live sports entertainment market. With the higher ticket prices, there is more pressure to provide more entertainment during the event. Why allow time during your event without entertainment? THEY improv can add elements during time-outs, between innings or even during rain delays. Contact THEY improv and find out how your sports event can be made more entertaining and memorable!

miami furyTHEY improv can provide you with:

On-field Dramas
Staged Chaos
Contests of Achievement
Mass Contests
Magical Spoofs
Comedy Events
Promotional Interludes
Comedic Moments

THEY improv can assist with football games, baseball games, basketball games, even bowling tournaments. Contact THEY improv and find out how THEY can tailor something to make your Arena and Sports Stadium Entertainment event more memorable!

Isn't providing your audience with entertainment even while nothing is happening in the game important?

Call THEY improv's director Todd Rice at (866) 219-4386 or by email at