Ohio Corporate Training Workshops - Executive Team Building

THEY improv provides a variety of programs designed to develop skills in an entertaining environment. This helps participants to maintain focus and enhance knowledge retention. Through improvisational techniques we improve the effectiveness of these programs and better help your group achieve their goals.

For companies, THEY have a variety of team building programs that we can discuss as we customize our features to meet your needs.

Ohio corporate training workshops events executive team building

Ohio Corporate Training Workshops and Executive Team Building Events

Akron - Canton - Cincinnati - Cleveland - Columbus - Dayton - Ironton
Lima - Mansfield - Marietta - Sandusky - Springfield - Toledo - Youngstown

Ohio corporate training workshops and team buiding events begin with quality facilitators. The skills that go into a good improv performance are valuable skills in an office environment. Many Fortune 500 companies hire the best improvisers to assist in the growth of their companies. THEY can help you achieve your desired results.

wallFor both Ohio corporate training workshops and team building events, the professional facilitators of THEY improv can provide a program to work towards a variety of achievable goals. From teaching employees how to handle various situations or learn specific skill sets, or simply working on employees ability with conflict resolution and working together in a more positive way.

The specialized needs of businesses in the Buckeye State are met by THEY improv and our Ohio corporate training workshops and team building events maintain the interest of the participants while getting company doctrine to the attendees.

luauCompanies in the area go the full gamut from industries to tourist and service. Having the specialized knowledge of the companies, the educational institutions and the various parts of the state, from the Central Lowland to the Appalachian Plateaus, allows our events to tailor to the local companies needs. This allows more beneficial results.

These are just a few of the ways THEY improv can help you improve your bottom line through Ohio corporate training workshops and team building events:

Improve your customer service
Enhance your employee's communication skills
Team building events
Adjust to culture change
Develop more creative work environments
Reduce intra-office tension
Reduce work-related employee stress

Improvisation is a great way to learn skills that are useful in every aspect of life. These skills help in job performance, interpersonal relationships and communication skills. Evaluation of a changing business environment, enhanced creativity and assisting the ability to think "outside the box".

trustThe question isn't "Can you afford to hire our Ohio corporate training workshops and team building events?" The question is "Can you afford not to hire our Ohio corporate training workshops and team building events?"

THEY improv employs a variety of techniques to tailor events and seminars to your business needs. Through a simple series of questions, THEY can determine your goals and apply the staff and expertise towards achieving those goals.

THEY improv is proud to serve the entire state of Ohio with corporate training workshops and teambuidling events, including Akron, Athens, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Ironton, Lima, Mansfield, Marietta, Marion, Parma, Sandusky, Springfield, Steubenville, Toledo, Urbana, Youngstown and practically anywhere else you can think of in the Buckeye State.

THEY can help you find the success you need at a price you can afford!

Contact us by email at info@THEYimprov.com or call (866) 219-4386.